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Diddy’s Vlogging Again!

Here’s his thoughts on McCain’s use of the term “that one” during the debates last night. Between “that one” and “my friends,” all anyone can seem to talk about today is John McCain’s lingual pecadillos.

One of my friends changed her status message this morning to “THAT ONE ’08” and I thought that was kind of a riot.

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  • question; why, with all the money ‘that one’ has, can’t he afford a better video camera? crap, the quality is so bad that the mush mouthed dude actually looks black in this video.

  • saying ‘that one’ is hardly something that should qualify as a reason to vote or not vote for someone. why are people making such big deals about little things? can we focus on the issues please? on the policies and ideals that these men are presenting rather than word choice, what church they are affiliated with, stupid quotes, etc.? yes, it was disrespectful. but it’s hardly a national issue.

  • I despise Sean Combs. Loathe. Despise. Have done, for years now. That being said, the man’s got a point. “That one?” wtf was that all about? That’s pretty bad, I mean it’s up there with Palin winking at the debate audience, pretty damn “he/she did NOT just do/say that” mindblowingly bad. But, whatta we gonna do? I’m still heartbroken that Hillary Clinton had to drop out of the race, I desperately wanted her to be Pres. These two guys, I am disgusted by mediocre half-senile old white-boy Republican McCain, and as much as I’ve always wanted to love Obama, he still makes me feel wary, and I don’t know why. This is gonna be a whole nother world when this election’s finished, no matter who wins. I’m on Obama’s side, ’cause it isn’t McCain/Palin’s side, but only grudgingly, as all along I just wanted Hillary to win. At this point, now, I trust no one.

  • Re. Censorthis

    Are you really a racist? I’ve read a few of your entries and you sound like a complete A-hole.
    And btw,Diddy’s got a point.

  • @ Megnolia,

    Good point, yes we should be focusing on the issues.
    But when McCain called Obama “that one” he was being quite disrespectful on many, many levels.
    And that is also something that should be considered, why, because this was a debate and not a mud slinging contest, and McCain is still playing in mud puddles.

  • I agree with Megnolia too, and I find it interesting that despite all the speeches and policy positions and objectives candidates say they have, it often comes down to a chance gesture or phrase hurting their chances at the presidency. Remember Howard Dean’s incoherent roar? Or, further back, Ed Muskie’s supposed tears? For better or worse, people latch on to these kinds of things as a sign of a person’s true character. It’s easier than puzzling out their platform. I wonder if “that one” is the slip-up that damages McCain’s campaign.

  • Oh looky, another celebrity intellectual commenting on the current campaign! Nice to see he’s has priorities in place regarding what’s important with all of the issues we face and how the candidates will handle them. What tripe!