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Lookin’ Good!

You know how sometimes two really hot people will mate and the resultant offspring will be … well … Rumer Willis?

That is not what happened with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, whose two children, Preston and Kaia, are, like, freakishly gorgeous.

They were also some of the lucky invitees to Miley Cyrus’s Disneyland bash this weekend.

Also there: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall, Steve Carell and Nancy Walls, Jennie Garth, David Archuleta, Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams, Baby Face and, of course, Miley Cyrus and an unreasonably short skirt.

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  • Did someone mention Jennifer Love Hewitt, the one who isn’t FAT. I bet she’s never grumpy when she’s getting her period!!

  • a) Miley is really not attractive. Sorry, but it’s just true.
    b) Why kind of 16 years-old has a birthday party at DisneyLand? She should be drinking upside down from a keg somewhere.
    c) Cindy Crawford is quite attractive still.

  • At first when I heard she had her bday party at Disneyland I thought, “that’s cool,” picturing her going on rides and stuff. Didn’t realize it was just another publicity event. Obviously wasn’t going on rides in those outfits. Kinda feel sorry for her, NOT a normal childhood ever.

  • are you kidding me… mini skirts and high heels…
    what ever happened to dressing your age and not looking like some 5$ hooker.

  • these kids are… yeah, “like, freakishly beautiful” basically sums it up.
    i swear to god, they have got to be fiction.
    and you can bet your ass miley IS drinking upside down from a keg somewhere.

  • Miley is pretty, I admit, but just rather PLAIN. she looks like every other girl out there (somehow those girls like to look like everyone else..). Also, I was reading, and he saw that she has a BELLY RING! I mean come on, that’s like the tramp stamp for preteens (I have a friend-who I don’t really like at all, I’m just scared of her-who got her’s at like 13. Now she has a tongue ring at 17).

  • My sister, that same pure saint, got her belly button pierced at 12. My father did not talk to her or my step mother for weeks, haha.

  • if i may be allowed to say so, minnie mouse’s slip is showing. hope this doesn’t conflict with the evil beet rules and regulations.

  • Nice to see Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox out together with their kids. You don’t see too many divorced couples that are able to be together in public with their kids.

  • that daughter of hers isn’t even just a really pretty kid, she’s a really pretty kid who’s already mastered posing and cute flats with matchstick jeans. is it fair that cindy’s kid is more pulled together than i am at 20?

  • That skirts not shockingly short…I’ve seen 12 year olds in those freaking hot pants who are more scandalous.