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Heather Locklear Was Framed!

This shit is bananas!


So now we’re hearing reports that the chick who made the 911 call to police about Heather Locklear driving drunk was none other than Jill Ishkanian, that chick who got fired from Us Weekly and then hacked into their computer system. After calling in the tip, Jill tipped off her paparazzi buddies, who got the shots of Heather’s arrest and sold them to TMZ for $27,000.

This is soooo fucked up.

And probably not illegal, either, unless someone can prove that Heather was definitely not driving erratically. Says Jill’s lawyer: “The fact she witnessed Ms. Locklear’s erratic driving and reported it to the police did not mean she was disqualified from reporting the story, which she in fact did.” And, ya know, he’s right. There’s nothing illegal about this, sadly, if Heather was, in fact, behaving like a drunk driver.

However, another witness near the scene denies that Heather seemed drunk.

“She seemed to be acting normal, totally normal. She was just really messy, but not drunk,” says Santa Barbara resident Alex Paillon, who spotted Locklear in a shopping center moments before her arrest.

“I was really surprised to hear she got a DUI because, I mean, I just saw her coming out of the store,” Paillon continues. “She looked fine.”

And how does Harvey Levin over at TMZ feel about the fact that these photos are soooo dirty? (Although, in fairness, he didn’t know the whole set-up when he paid for them.) “Ultimately, these are photographs of an arrest,” he said.

The D.A. is still determining whether or not to file charges.

Because, I mean, whether or not the police tip-off was set-up, the police still decided to go ahead and put her under arrest, so she must have been exhibiting some signs of impairment, although it’s been determined alcohol was not involved. If she’d been totally sober and sane, they would have let her go. The police don’t go ahead and arrest every single person they come into contact with on the road.

While the CHP said there was no sign Locklear, 47, had consumed excessive amounts of alcohol, a “drug recognition expert” told officers she appeared under the influence of an unspecified drug. She was tested and prosecutors are awaiting the results.

“Toxicology is one piece of information that I want to have in hand before I review the case,” explains the D.A.. “Obviously, I want as much information as I can get before I can review the case for any filing, if there is going to be a filing.”

This is going to be very, very interesting to watch play out. I am certain some fucked up shit went down either way.

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  • I feel bad for Heather, shes gone through a lot of shit. I hope she files charges against that freak Jill. Some people are so desperate for attention and money that they will deliberately fuck up someones day. Its really sick, and I wish Heather all the best.

  • Nobody forced drugs into her mouth and made her drive a car while impaired. What a stupido to think we care if her privacy and honor were besmirched by bad publicity.

  • Maybe she is still trying to get to the right dosing on her antidepressant meds. Those things can really screw you up until the blood levels are regulated

  • If Jill is a friend of Denise Richards, I win $5.00. I”m pretty sure she is just that evil.

  • So a “drug recognition expert” said she appeared to be under the influence of an unspecified drug? If this is an expert, shouldn’t the expert be able to say which drug? Otherwise, any idiot could just take a guess. I mean, how DO people get jobs like this?

  • The other people in the store said she appeared to be behaving okay, so I’m suspicious of this. Plus, Beet, have you ever met the police? Or been pulled over? Especially in LA? They’re not known for their brains or their exact adherence to the law and order. I’m sure plenty of people get pulled over and locked up for little reason.

  • Well, who knows, if Heather Locklear was indeed under the influence of drugs (illegal, prescriped, OTC) and was driving erratically maybe this Jill person saved her life. I’ll take a Locklear DUI story over a Locklear dead in a tragic accident story any day of the week.

  • i know nothing, but i have a feeling they arrested her off the tip, and off the fact she’s a celebrity

  • I am suspicious of this whole thing but then again, look at her pupils. WoW ! Pretty dilated.