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Super Thin!

Is the pressure of having her own show starting to get to her?

Whitney Port’s always been a slender girl, but she looks super skinny in these new shots of her shopping in NYC.

Oh, Whitney. We loved you because you seemed normal and sane. Please don’t do this. Please.

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  • I don’t know, her bones aren’t poking out. Her legs have always been super slim anyway, look at her arms, they look normal, I think the outfit is just unflattering.

  • Her arms look pretty healthy weight…her legs are nice, but any more weight off them would be offputting.

    But I don’t really care about her weight, I care about those boots! Lusho! <3

  • Whitney, Whtney, Whitney.. yu are a gorgeous girl! Why do you cover that up with your hideous outfits? And for the love of god EAT WOMAN!!!!!

  • I think she looks the same as always. Her arms still look normal skinny and her legs have always been very slim.

  • how tall is she please?
    horrible horrible outfit, seperatly the pieces are nasty, togerther worse, and those shoes are vile, she is stunning perhaps she is trying to hide her beauty to make lauren and heidi equal to her, they are ok, but Whitters is FAB.

    Height please?

  • clearly photoshopped. her right leg has a weird bend to it that is way too sharp to be a real photo. duh.

  • people, whitney is super normal! she always had skinny legs!
    look at her face, she’s absolutely healthy!
    she always was like this, so stop the drama!Whitney have a good head over her shoulders, she have a good mind!
    I love her.

  • she looks very healthy i love her she’s my favorite in the hills
    oh i wish i had a body like hers and specially her legs .mine are so fat .
    anyway i don’t think her clothes are bad actually i like them i think they make a statement . i still love even if she becoms annorexique

  • are you kidding me, she looks healthy? she looks like a fucking starving refugee from a third world country. Her legs look disgusting and very breakable. She should start eating more than 500 calories a day.