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37Julia Stiles’ Look: Love It or Leave It?

At the screening of Happy-Go-Lucky at the New York film festival.

September 28, 2008 at 6:43 pm by Evil Beet
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37 Responses to “Julia Stiles’ Look: Love It or Leave It?”

  1. jemms says:

    style. boho cool laid back chic. love it.

  2. Beet Czar says:

    looks good… got that Rene Z shiny look. where has she been? damn, haven’t seen her anywhere.

  3. Passyunk Ave says:

    I have no shame in admitting that I have a huge crush on her. I think she is beautiful. The fact that she graduated from Columbia isn’t anything to scoff at either.
    Greeeat – Now I’m I’m totally creepy ;)

  4. kt says:

    love the outfit. hate the hair and lack of makeup.

  5. Kbbbbbbb says:

    I love her, but this is one hot mess.

  6. Whitt says:

    OMG this is hideous. She got dressed in the dark and would it kill her to do something with her hair and face?

  7. Erin says:

    I hate it’s guts. She didn’t even pull her shirt out of the belt all the way. It just looks sloppy.

  8. k. says:

    ohnoooo!! quick someone help.. that belt is gonna eat her.

  9. Fleur says:

    On the same red carpet as Anne Hathaway in that black and white ensemble? Ah, no.

    No, no no.

  10. bee says:

    it would look better if her hair was back into some sort of twist thing and she wore a nice singlet or something

    purple satain and blue vomit is not an outfit julia!

  11. courtney says:

    she is reminding me of drop dead fred….

  12. Melady says:

    Julia or her stylist needs to spin the color wheel again. Those colors are horrid together. Not even the goth belly cincher thing she’s trying to channel pulls it all together.

    But I love her anyway. She. has. brains.

  13. A says:

    love it. the belt’s a bit wide and the shirt is a bit ruffly (it might be the material and/or the color, but it doesnt look crisp). she seriously needs to do something about her face, though, its waay too shiny! and maybe some slightly more interesting shoes…

  14. marissa says:

    i feel like i know where she was going with this but she didn’t quite hit it

  15. Ashley says:

    It’s hideous. The shirt and skirt don’t match, the belt looks ridiculous, and she couldn’t even tuck the shirt in! That’s the worst part about the whole thing. So sloppy.

  16. c. says:

    ahaha wtf ?!!?!?!?

  17. Bijou says:

    Good concept, bad execution. A little too frumpy to be effortlessly chic.

  18. mhmm says:

    her face looks cute but she should’ve tucked the shirt in b/c having parts of it poke out is just sloppy

    i agree with bijou: good concept, bad execution

  19. Anonymous says:

    What was she thinking when she put on that belt?!?
    Love the hair! Here face looks beautyful

  20. danielle says:

    Love her, but everything about this is Godawful. The hair, the face, the clothes… noooo.

  21. Shiri says:

    Each piece on its own looks good but put together they’re one hot mess! Agree with everybody who said she needs to do something with her hair and her make up, especially her make up. You’re a pretty girl, Julia, no need to hide with that unkempt way of yours lately.

  22. catlass says:

    Since when did tying a leather jacket around your waist become vogue? And what’s up with the posture? UGH.

  23. DailyBeetReader says:

    I like the idea of the outfit but she totally didn’t come close to pulling it off.

  24. keightlynn says:

    She looks undone, her face is all shiny, and her hair is nasty.

  25. Jess says:

    She woulda looked better if she just wore PJs! OMG what was she thinking???????? Not only is the style hideous but the colors don’t even come close to going together. Maybe she’s the next star we’ll hear about on drugs, because she sure looks it here.

  26. Antisocialite says:

    She looks like most tacky, unstylish girls from Connecticut…maybe that’s what she’s trying for..

  27. indigo says:

    is she taking tips from Kirsten Dunst now??? I like her alot, but not in that.

  28. Moxygirl says:

    Yaaaaarghhh Matey!!!!

  29. quirkygirlkitten says:

    i really like her, but this outfit is doing her no favors. also, a brush and a bit of lipstick would be nice.

  30. Elayne says:

    There’s too much going on in one outfit. Leave it!

  31. elle says:

    leave it!!! no no no no no!!!
    i hate how the shirt sticks out under the belt. the skirt is a bit like a granny skirt, shoes are horrible, skirt and top do not go, and she needs just a tad more makeup. she looks a little washed out.

  32. cj says:

    It’s a good concept, if the concept was “get dressed before leaving house” but that’s about as much as you can say for it.

  33. Peep says:

    That is a belt????? I thought it was some kind of rubber brace she was wearing.

  34. D.A.K says:

    I hate the blue on her :S

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