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We Need to Talk About the ClayMates Some More

So originally I was just going to write a simple little blog post about a simple little note Clay wrote on his fansite’s message board about the support he’s received since publicly coming out.

“We’ll ‘talk’ more later,” Aiken, 29, writes on his Web site’s message board. “but, suffice it to say, for the first time in recent memory, I am speechless. I’m so proud to know and love all of you.”

He adds, “My family is so much larger than Parker, Jaymes, mom, Brett, etc. It extends to each of you. And I couldn’t be more blessed.”

Which is very sweet and I couldn’t be more thrilled for Clay that this coming-out process seems to be going relatively smoothly for him.

But then I started poking around his website, and found this page where you can join the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club for the low low price of $29.99 plus shipping and handling. Here’s what you get:

* 1-Year Fan Club Membership
* Exclusive Clay Aiken Official Fan Club Tote Bag
* Clay Aiken OFC Lip Balm
* 4-pack of Clay Aiken OFC button

Read that again. Make sure you see the part about the LIP BALM.

Yes, that’s right, the Clay Aiken Fan Club membership comes with a tote, a button and fucking lip balm with his face on it. Nobody — nobody — belonging to that fan club gets to act surprised that this dude is gay.

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  • Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel: “Clay Aiken is on the cover of People magazine announcing that he’s gay. This on the heels of last week’s People shocking cover: Ruben Studdard announced he’s black.”

  • every single clay aiken fan is guaranteed to be a chubby woman in cotton drawstring pants, a loose t shirt and has a husband that either drives an 18 wheeler or is a mechanic and had her first baby before she was a senior in high school. or possibly the rare little teenage gayboy that actually has no sense of style or taste. the only thing he should sell with his image on it is anal lube.

  • your americans are so sick

    leave clay alone
    let him sing
    nobody has the right to judge a gay man

    in europe the people are more gentle and we embrace the gays