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David Letterman Said It, Not Me

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  • actually, who still goes on david letterman that matters anyway? he quit being funny even before they crowned king leno instead of him, sending him into a downward angry funk that still permeates his stupid monologues. conan is way fucking funnier than letterman. in the toilet bowl of comedy, he’s the turd they just can’t get to flush.

    • I disagree David Letterman is funny, Conan O Brien is funny Jay Leno is funny, they are different types of humor, I like them all, the idea that Letterman would continue on periodically about McCain and then show him on C.B.S news is really funny. We need comedy desperately and we need to completely do away with reality television, it’s ruined the fabric of American culture!

  • If Letterman is a “turd”, then seriously, I don’t know what Leno is.

    That was a perfectly delicious little video. <3

  • I’ve never actually watched Letterman. I’ve always watched Conan because he’s the funniest. Although I have to admit, Letterman did good with this bunch. Very good.

  • It lasted that long because they HAD to fill air time that they already were planned for. Unfortunately the invited guest couldn’t show up, so he had to be very talkative to make of for the absence.

  • re; woohoo

    yeah, right. but that’s lettermans schtick. he takes a fairly lame joke and then milks the shit out of it all night long, often to the chagrin of his guests and band. i’m sure paul schaeffer sits at home drunk on his ass and fantasizes about where he should stab letterman first with his dinner fork. i say neck.

  • Couldn’t make it all the way through, his true insincerity shines through his bullshit; he so doesn’t matter anymore. Hell, Jimmy Kimmel kicks his ass.

  • Craig Ferguson was pretty awesome last night too. I gotta say, I prefer Dave’s dry humor over the slap-you-in-the-face comedy of Conan.

    Regardless of who has the better show…this was some good stuff!

  • Oh my God, could you imagine if David Letterman were your ex boyfriend? That’s all I could think of when I watched this clip.