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Your Daily Paris, Or At Least What’s Left of Her

We haven’t seen much of Paris Hilton — then again, there hasn’t been much of her to see.

The heiress hit up LAX with beau Benji Madden on Tuesday and looked particularly starving, even by Paris standards.

What’s up with this??? Does someone need a little bit of attention since she’s not currently banging a woman or releasing a comeback album?

Oh, and she wasn’t wearing a bra, so, ya know, that’s fun.

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  • Beet, thanks for making my day, Boobs, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
    (sorry, my inner-neanderthal got the better of me : )

  • one day she`ll simply go…*poof!*…..and vanish before our very eyes.
    all that`ll be left is a limp leash attached to a bemused chihuahua!

  • No bra, no shoes, in a track suit and a tank top. Just like me, except I don’t go out of my house without a bra because it would attract way more attention.

    @long dong silver
    Dude if your dong is all that long you can get way better and less herpefied skanks than Paris. Go for it man.

  • Dang – she has some serious gunboat feet! I bet she could do that Michael Jackson “lean way over without falling” move very easily!

  • wow, I don’t find this chick hot by any standards. I mean, she’s got no ass, she’s got no boobs, she’s got this huge rumor-ish jaw.. what’s the appeal? someone tell me

  • she’s so thin that seems like a death’s-head.I like her’s look before as showed on she will be plumpy.

  • If I had money like all these rich bitches I’d be stuffing my face 24/7 with amazingly expensive gourmet food! And I’d love every inch of the gigantic curves it gave me! What is wrong with all these girls?

  • Jess, I totally agree… In any case, hire a nutritionist to give you the worlds best healthy delicious meals at your becking call.

    As for going braless, well, she’s at the airport, and she wants to be comfortable. I love wearing lounge clothes on the plane. I never understand why people where business suits or tight ass jeans on the plane… so uncomfortable and gives you ugly wrinkles!

  • I luv ya, Beet, but Hilton is no heiress. As a matter of fact, she’s known about Conrad’s decision to leave the bulk of his wealth to charity for quite some time. This “hotel heiress” posturing was just another example of her phony hype.

  • what ever happened to the rich people are supposed to be the fat ones and the poor are supposed to be starving skinny.

  • what ever happened to the rich people are supposed to be the fat ones and the poor are supposed to be starving skinny.

    A lot of underclass might have too little time at the end of a 14-hour workday–and here I especially mean single parents–or enough money to buy good food. A lot of people will really try to feed all of their kids with a ten-spot spent at McDonalds. Some people have the time and money to spend on trainers, nutritionists, and speed. Also, thank you for reminding me I need to cancel the NutriSystem I can’t afford to eat anymore.

  • It’s just funny.. one day, and one day soon.. all the reprecussions of not eating and being sickly small will catch up to these starlets (if that’s what you can even call Paris) and one by one will they be picked off by the wrath of their own bodies rejecting it’s lack of nutrition.