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Still Going Strong!

If Richard Gere has gerbils up his ass these days, we sure as hell know who’s giving them tongue baths.

Richard looked happy as can be with his wife, Law & Order actress Carey Lowell, at the premiere of his new film with Diane Lane, Nights in Rodanthe in NYC on Tuesday.

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  • sure beet, just go ahead and start up the fucking gerbil up the ass rumor all over again, for christs sake! just as we were getting over this meanest of mean murmerings, beet has to flame the fire again.

    for those of you not familiar with it, it seems that mr. gere, allegedly during a homosexual encounter, inserted a sweet little gerbil covered with cocaine into a condom, tied it, and shoved it up his ass. the struggling gerbil scratches the condom, releasing the cocaine slowly throughout richards poop chute and into his bloodstream. during this process the gerbil is jerking and quivering in it’s death throes, creating intense pleasure for mr. gere but not so much feel good moments for the confused hairy little mammal, who, at the moment, is wondering why he’s all of a sudden spelunking inside richard geres crap cavern. this vicious, but true, rumor caused a huge run on small pet shops. as gay men became more and more addicted to this kick-ass behavior they started using larger vermin like rats, guinea pigs, and even baby squirrels (the tails made them easy to remove when finished). even easter bunnies weren’t safe as little girls and boys were forced to struggle over the adorable little pink and baby blue bunnies at pet stores with desperate twinks jonesing for a ‘rabbit up their ass fix’ during this holiest of holidays.
    so, where was i? oh yeah, i agree with caz2. cute, she looks happy.

  • I dunno about u guys, but Gere was hot stuff in his earlier days!!!! I’d so help him stick gerbils up his ass without a second thought!

  • That urban myth is disgusting.

    I’m glad they are happy and still together. He takes his little boy, Homer, to the Yankee games and they are huge fans.

  • You know how Mel Gibson is supposed to be a merry prankster? If he worked with Gere on a movie, I bet he’d totally fill his trailer with gerbils.