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Katherine Heigl Is Quitting …

… smoking, that is, not Grey’s Anatomy, which is what I really want her to quit. Maybe I could start watching that show again if I didn’t have to hear Izzie’s whiny little voice in every other scene.

But, anyway, T.R. Knight tells In Touch that Katie’s quitting, and he’s trying to be supportive. “You have to be ready and find it in yourself,” he says. This isn’t the first time Katie’s said she’s quitting, so we’ll just wait and see. I have to say, though, I must have tried to quit 100 times before it actually stuck. By the end, I was telling my friends, “Oh, I quit smoking!” and they were just like “That’s nice,” like they didn’t care or believe me at all — and understandably so — and that shit just made me want to quit even more.

Meanwhile, the world of cigarette-lovin’ TV docs continues to turn, with ER‘s Maura Tierney giving this quote about her smoking to Glamour mag:

“When I can’t have one, I’m fucked. I’ve found myself doing things I’m not proud of, like digging through the trash for a butt. Or smoking through bronchitis . . . During a five-minute break at work, I’ve had to make the decision: Should I pee, or should I smoke? I’ve tried to do both at the same time, and it’s not very satisfying.”

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  • Good for her! It is a very healthy decsion that will require dedication. Mmmm…. I hope she doesn’t get fat.

  • I want people like you guys to stop giving her a hard time for no good reason. Its a crime to speak your mind these days. But hey celebs who drink drive, are in rehab every week, snort all kinds of drugs that sort of thing…thats fine…we will give the woman with a brain and a voice a hard time for daring to have an opinion. It stinks.

  • Yeah, Maura’s got it BAD. She’s basically saying she’d rather risk pissing her pants on set than go without a cig! Damn, it really is an addiction, isn’t it?

    I wish Heigl luck. I don’t like her, but what the hell, anybody who tries to kick that habit deserves respect for the effort. Even if it doesn’t take the first (or 100th time).