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Hillary Rodham Clinton was advised, in no uncertain terms, to remove the “Rodham” from the name she used while campaigning for office, lest she seem like one of those “aggressive” women unwilling to abandon her own last name.

Sarah Palin campaigned for mayor of Wasilla as Sarah Heath Palin, where “Heath” is her maiden name.

I’m just saying.

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  • Yep, cuz choosing to keep your own name is too “aggressive”. For frick’s sake…let’s see some patriachal asshole change his. What the hell??

    This world just amazes the hell out of me. Is it REALLY the 21st century? Not according to the latest “polls”.


  • dude, I’m all for the feminist movement and all that sorta crap. I really do think that beside the Y chomosome, there really isn’t anything that men have that women can’t accomplish. However, I still believe in the old fashion ‘taking on the husband’s name’ but view it more as a family name. You get married and you adopt the name of the family that you are starting to build. Just my two cents.

  • I tried to convince my husband that we should both hyphenate. He didn’t want to, but he told me I didn’t have to change my name if he wasn’t willing to change his…but the looks and comments I get for not changing my name are astounding sometimes.

  • Did Hillary run for the senate with Rodham? I can’t remember. In any case Palin isn’t using Heath for VP so isn’t it kinda the same? It’s ok for a lower office to use a maiden name but we draw the line at Presidental runs. Wake me up when Hillary is President.

  • So what exactly are you saying? that palin doesn’t care what people think she “should do”? I’m acutally surprised Bill did’t change his name for her, seeing as she wears the pants.

  • i was just talking about this last night with a friend, and we were wondering why hillary is always jumped on as being so masculine and called a “femi-nazi” while palin acts & talks more like a man yet nobody calls palin a femi-nazi…WTF is up with that?

  • It pains me to say this, but the DEMS f–k their own. You know why no one is calling Palin a Femi-nazi, etc.. Because the Reps are smarter than the idiotl iberal Dems who pick on their own. The Republocans may dislike her on a whole, but they want their own in the WH so for now.. They shut up. The Dem’s are shmucks really. They have more fighting amongst themselves than any other party. They shoot themselves in the foot every fu–ing election. It was the Democratic Sexist Men who condemmened Hillary. JERKS. Now see what they have done..

  • fist hillary didn’t even add clinton, she did that during bill’s governorship and then she was strongly advised to drop the rodham bit when bill was first running for president

  • At the time Hillary was too manish and more astute about anything than Bill. Well, she still is and the name dropping didn’t end the comparison.

  • Ladies don’t be tricked into anger. They are pulling all your strings to vote for an inferior candidate just because that person has ovaries. She is not a feminist and she does not support women’s issues.

  • I guess I always thought she dropped the Rodham after his huge “I did Not have Sexual Relations with That Woman” thing, like maybe she’d been advised to look more united and ‘stand by your man’ish.

    Oh well.

  • You are absolutely right, DP. Palin is not a feminist.

    On the name issue, I hyphenated mine when I got married. It’s fine to take your husband’s name if you want–I’d have taken my husband’s if I liked his better than mine, or something…

    …but I have to say that I believe it’s a dumb tradition. The reason it’s a tradition in the first place is because for a long, long time, grown women were literally considered men’s property. First you were your father’s property, so you took his name when you were born. Then your father “gave you away” (yes, I know this is still done sometimes) at your wedding, so you lost your father’s last name and took the last name of your husband. And now, you were HIS property and he controlled your money, your reproductive rights, your education, etcetera.

  • To me feminism is about the right to make choices and not have any group tell you what you should do. Palin wants all women to follow the Christian system of doing what men tell you.

    If a women wants (or needs) an abortion no Christian white male should be in charge of her body. Under Palin’s administration even women who get raped should give birth to that baby.

    Read up on Palin’s efforts to force women to pay for their own rape kits in Alaska because they came with the “Morning After” pill.

  • DP, I agree. Feminism is about equality- and a big part is the equality to have the same freedom over our bodies as men do. What the pro-lifers don’t want to talk about is that it’s not really abortion vs. life; it’s safe abortion vs. unsafe abotrion. Women will continue to have abortions because those who do not want to and cannot be pregnant will not roll over and become a baby machine just because of Sarah Palin. Women will continue to seek abortions as they have done since the beginning of time. At least now with legal abortion it is safe and clean, and women aren’t dying in large numbers due to bad procdeures and infection like they were pre Roe v. Wade.

    Plus, being pro-choice is not being pro-abortion. NOBODY LIKES ABORTION. The point is to have good sex education and birth control to effectively reduce the number of abortions.

    And if you do not support safe choices for women, and the freedom to own our own bodies as men do, you are not a feminist.

  • P.S. I am not trying to stir up a pro-choice, anti-choice argument on here. I have my views and I understand people have their own views, and neither will change each others’ minds. I am strictly speaking about the issue of being a feminist.

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