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Show Us Your Hand!

Stupid Shia LaBeouf has his left hand in his damn pocket in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO from the Eagle Eye LA premiere. You can see a little hint of the cast here, but, for the most part, he’s just being a total cocktease about it. Whip it out, Shia!

Also there: Megan Fox, looking totally edible, Michelle Monaghan, looking totally pregnant, and Rosario Dawson, looking like she’s had some work done, but I can’t pinpoint what.

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  • I think Rosario’s work is her new hairdo, side parting instead of middle parting. Try it, it really makes your face look different.

  • He did an interview on entertainment tonight and they did a close up of his hand more than once…a couple of his fingers look pretty gross, dark with these dead looking fingernails on it….so maybe you’d rather not see it and thats why he kept it put away lol that would def. clash with his formal wear.

  • I think Shia’s hand was amputated and he’s hiding it until he gets the new high-tech, totally real looking prosthesis. But that’s just my theory. Rosario looks like she’s wearing too light of a foundation.

  • Megan doesn’t have to try at all. You could dress her like Kirsten Dunst, throw pig poop on her, shave her head and she would still look like a goddess.

  • I love Megan Fox and she has that “it” factor; like said above, no matter what you do to her, she looks awesome. And can someone find out how much Shia LeBouf weighs; think he might be thinner than the 90210 girls… eat a cheeeseburger dude… and go to the garage and give one to your dad too!