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Back to Work!

Hooray for Christina Applegate, who is back on the set of her TV show Samantha Who? after undergoing a double mastectomy in July after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Christina is expected to present at the Emmys this year, where she’s nominated as lead actress in a comedy series.


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  • Best wishes to Christina Applegate. She was and is one of the most talented, yet, unassuming actresses in Hollywood,who, very often would outshine better known celebrity actors and actresses billed over her. She has one of the most beautiful and sexiest faces that I have ever seen. Her lips are incredible.

  • yeah, you guys may be happy for her, but you’re not thinking about guys like me that have spent three years writing anchorman 2! now we have to cast someone with breasts or my fucking screenplay won’t make fucking sense! shit. shit. shit. shit. shit.

  • She supposed to be undergoing reconstructive surgery either by the end of this year, I believe, or, early next year. I’m betting that no one would be able to tell the difference between her new breasts and the old ones.

  • She is a natural beauty. Just a lovely girl.

    Good luck Christina, continued recovery/good health. You’re a wonderful role model for how to perserve in the face of a really rotten hand dealt to you. God Bless.

  • I’m betting on Christina. We don’t learn how to recognize what bravery means until someone like this talented lady shows us what the dictionary left out.

  • you should totally write slogans, beet.
    i mean, i would so wear a pink-ribbon shirt that read (very tastefully, of course) “get your titties checked, ladies”.
    like, seriously.
    p.s. –
    i <3 you christina applegate!