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Chloe Sevigny’s Look: Love It or Leave It

At the Primetime Creative Arts Emmys in LA.

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  • i like the top, but the skirt pulled up on the one side looks like it’s stuck in her panties. not too bad for chloe though. she can put together some clunkers.

  • Well obviously the woman to the right in the beige dress is thinking judgmental thoughts.

    And is that Bam Margera’s mom and dad to the left? It almost looks like them!!!

  • love it. she reminds me of this cool chick that used to seat me at the all u can eat sushi bar i used to hang at, except the japanese chick was way hotter. fyi, it appears the fat guy’s doing the tom cruise foot lift to appear taller.

  • It reminds me of how I wrap a Christmas present on Christmas Eve when it is 11:30 at night and I am so exhausted that I can’t see straight and I just don’t care how the damn present looks as long as the box is covered on all sides by paper so I just shove the excess paper on the sides into a crumbled, wrinkled mess and add a glob of tape on top.

    Kind of like that.

  • I really hate that this style is getting so popular for gowns. It hurts me that amazing designers are putting together things that intentionally look like the deranged work of a 5 year old with some fabric scraps and a barbie.

  • well, ok, a bit weird, but hey – she’s not alone! look at that chick (whoever taht is) on her left (right on the photo)? That “dress” is way too ugly to be worn! On such a figure. In public. /giggle/

  • this is just proof that confidence makes all the difference, because even though she dresses like a weirdo, she always looks good. why? because she thinks she looks good. and i guess that’s what matters.

  • Evil Beet, PLEASE!!!! Put Lisa Edelstein’s pictures!!! She was incredibly beautiful yesterday!!!

    You would make me so happy …=)

  • Her “quirky” look seems to be based solely on wearing clothes in the most unflattering styles that she can get her paws on.

  • nice.

    lots of shallow comments here,
    “That figure?”

    No point in commenting on it really,
    I suppose the whole thing is just judgemental to begin with.
    im just saying.

    because were all supermodels
    when were not surfing vapid fashion forums at the office.