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I Am So in Love with Mena Suvari Lately

Seriously, I have been crushing hardcore on every look this girl rocks at Fashion Week. She always looks awesome and creative and sexy and flawless. This is nothing new for Mena — her look is always fresh and stunning — but she’s really been on a roll this week.

IMHO, this girl doesn’t get nearly the credit she deserves as a fashion icon.

Here’s a look back at what she’s worn this week.

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  • I’m enjoying the hair more than anything else. The clothes are sub-par for me. Nothing that gives me the ‘WOW Factor’. But don’t shoot me for having an opinion……

  • eh, not saying she isn’t adorable (because she totally is) but her clothes look dated & like something anyone could buy off a last season rack at say, ross or tj max. not into it.

  • I think she’s sinfully ugly. Flat out. Nothing about that Five head is attractive especially not her Bobby Brown shine on.

  • once, when I lived in LA, I met her at the Avalon. We were talking and someone bumped into me and I spilled my apple martini all over her. That wasn’t funny. At all. For either of us. Mostly not for me, since I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Even though it wasn’t completely my fault. Okay, so I was a little drunk, but it totally wasn’t my fault. At all.

  • Heather Gramm ain’t so bad either! Almost as hot as her roller girl days. Wowza. What happened to her lately?

  • I gotta agree with OC. The clothes are average, but her hair is amazing! She pulls every look together with the do. So polished.