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O.J.’s Second Jury Selected

Heh, how do you go about finding an unbiased jury for another O.J. Simpson trial?

You don’t, really, unless you’re going to start combing the local elementary schools (actually, I just did the math and realized the high schools would be fine, too, and that makes me feel exceedingly old), but a Las Vegas courtroom settled on twelve men and women to oversee the upcoming Simpson trial. He’s being charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy and other charges related to an alleged sports memorabilia heist that OJ’s accused of masterminding last year. Because, ya know, he’s a really good decision-maker and not at all impulsive. The kidnapping charge alone could land him a life sentence in prison.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If O.J. Simpson gets away with a double murder and, nearly fifteen years later, goes to prison for life for trying to steal some sports plaques out of a hotel room, my head will explode. Just explode.

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  • Holy crap….another distraction from what is important! Is this trial happening before the election in November?
    Oh and what is “pinging?” Just curious…

  • I think he deserves more than just life in prison, but as long as they lock that asshole up for good I’d be happy.

  • o.j. simpson is the epitome of what happens when a bunch of white people, men and women, get down on their knees and idolize these young black, often from poor background, athletes and make them think they can do no wrong. it still happens with many black sport stars today, they just haven’t cut their white girlfriends throats yet.

  • Who gives a shit WHAT he finally get locked up for? As long as he gets locked up. He is a murderer. He belongs in prision, though it offends me that tax dollars will be spent to support him in any fashion. He should’ve fried for the GOLDMAN murder. As far as Nicole Simpson, no one deserves to die like that, but the fact is, she sold her sold to the devil long before the devil almost beheaded her.