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Lauren Conrad Has a Book Deal and You Don’t


LC just landed a three-book deal with HarperCollins to pen a young adult fiction series called LA Candy.

The series tells “the behind-the scenes story of a young girl who moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality television show,” according to a press release. “The character soon realizes that “everyone wants something from her, and nothing is what it appears to be,” the release states.

And of course now Lauren’s being all like “I care about books!” She says: “I’ve always loved books that I could lose myself in, ones that would transport me to another place, but had characters I could relate to. I’m so excited to have this opportunity to write books like that for other readers.”

How much you wanna bet Lauren won’t even end up reading this book before it hits stores? Because we all know she won’t be writing it.

Says the senior VP of Fiction at HarperCollins: “We’re bracing ourselves for a blockbuster publication.”

You know what, though? It could be worse. It could be Heidi with the book deal. I guess this is alright in comparison.

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