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He’s the Biggest Celebrity in the World …

Barack Obama will be appearing on Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere this weekend, alongside national hero and giant-penis-possessor Michael Phelps, who is sure to draw an audience.

If Senator Obama wears a Speedo next to Michael Phelps, he’s got my vote. That’s the kind of bravery I want to see in my President.

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  • Obama should totally strap a saddle on Phelps and ride him into the first sketch.

    I remember reading that on the classic television show “Mr. Ed”, they used to put peanut butter in the horse’s mouth to make it appear as though the horse was actually talking. I wonder if the SNL folks will apply that same technique to Mr. Phelps.

  • i love how you posted obama’s photo just above o.j.’s. two gigantic celebrities, known worldwide, back to back.

  • Seeing how the whole world depends on us to protect, feed and lead them for morals, tech and freedom of liberty example and O is all for peace and brotherhood and us being of HIS faith, living poor and dumb and according to the little red book,. killing those pesky babies that are a Nuisance for whatever reason.. which rules really doesn’t fit either of his faiths, but one does say kill the woman for doing anything opposing his leadership, including education or having freedom to watch men in speedos.. I think we are doing okay going with the opposite maverick team and the woman with a gun., cause America has BIG GUNS and loves their women to be free, flirty, smart and have some spunk.

  • Gumball,
    I so wanted to respond to you with some facts and logic, but you can hardly string a sentence together so this might prove too difficult for me. I hope for our country’s sake your incredible wit and intelligence gets you lost on your way to the voting booth.

    But don’t worry, one of Obama’s biggest goals is to improve the education system, so all’s not yet lost for you!

  • Beet, I thought you were gonna stay out of this? or is this just to get the hate flowing? In your other post with the Gibson interview; I would love to see Obama answer the same questions, but he doesn’t have Michael Phelps “package” to handle it; Obama talks very nicely, very nicely indeed… but with the intellect of a talking head.

  • @ Dinosaurs: LOL!!!!!! :-) I loved your response to Gumball. Made me laugh out loud. Thank God there are people out there like you! *mwahhh*