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A Good Mother Always Writes a Tell-All

Aw, how sweet.

Lynne Spears and Alec Baldwin aren’t the only Hollywood parents airing their family’s dirty laundry in an upcoming book.

Leighton Meester’s mother is apparently shopping a book about what a train wreck her family was back when Leighton was born.

The book will reportedly tell Connie’s life journey from drug ring co-conspirator to suburban real estate agent to author and, of course, to the rearing of her TV star child.

After an FBI bust in 1985, Connie began serving over a one year sentence at a Federal Prison in Fort Worth, Texas. Her stint was briefly interrupted in April of 1986 when she was released to give birth and nurse Leighton for 12 weeks. Mama Meester ultimately returned to the clink where she served until November of ’86.

The elder Meester is still looking for a publisher for her opus.

Any takers?

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  • why do these mothers always feel the need to do this after their children get famous? do they not realize all it’ll do is bring negative press? i feel so bad for leighton.

  • I’m with sillyplant. Who is this? And why does her mother think her daughter’s famous enough that people would be interested in a tell-all? Give me a break. If anyone is unlucky enough to get 15 min of fame these days, you can be assured every other member of their family will either write a “tell-all” (yuck) or talk to some horrible magazine like OK! or whatever. If I were the publisher I’d offer this woman 1500.00 for her “tellall”.

  • Well isn’t this another Mommy Dearest scenario. TV Star’s mom writes a tell all that says the TV star was born in prison because Mom was a convicted drug dealer. And I thought Matthew M.’s mom telling us all her husband kicked the bucket while in the middle of a humpfest was bad. Yes we should feel bad for this TV star and her destructive mother. Don’t buy this book in protest.. I sure won’t. Go register to vote instead to get those mothers out of office!

  • Its sad but nowadays, all publicity is good publicity. So despite whatever she writes about, Leighton still wins in the talked-about stats.

  • Why would I want to read about some train wreck who nearly gave birth to her daughter in prison? What a joke. I’m surprised Leighton turned out so well…