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What Do We Think of Lauren Conrad’s New Collection?

LC just released the fall collection for her line, Lauren Conrad.

A lot of these pieces are super-cute … if you’re a size 2. And with prices hovering around the $200 mark, you may be better off just saving up for lipo if you’re much bigger than that.

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  • It’s cute, but probably took her all of 20 minutes to design since it’s mostly solid color tops with tights. (Real original)

  • Model definitely looks alot like her… and the collection is nice, nothing dangerous or “fierce”; but so much better than that pap-whore Heidi.

  • the clothes match the designer. therefore, we find that lauren’s clothes are pretty and kind of nice but unimaginative, lacking in substance and ultimately worth way less than what mtv – i mean you… are paying.

    as for the ads, self-absorbed – because peanut is right, she just got an LC twin to model.

    i will probably buy a similar red dress… the one by dior that she copied it from.

  • Some of the pieces are cute. But there is one thing I can’t stand that celebrities do if they put out a clothing line…. when they over price their clothes! Like they need the money anyways! I lose all my respect for anyone famous if they over price anything they put out.

  • uuuuhhh..that khaki dress…I have the EXACT same one, same color too! AND I bought it last year!… not very original!



  • Firstly its funny how the model looks alot like her!!

    I personally wouldn’t wear not ONE of these different designs & I LOVE LOVE clothes, however I’m the kinda gal who really doesn’t look at the tag/designer, if I try it on & it’s flattering & I like it, I buy it!!!

    I’m more of a bargain shopper as I don’t have a ton of money to shell out for clothes & I can’t see spending the insane kind of money she is charging for these very BORING designs!!!! (now if I was wealthy I might splurge a lot more for clothes but definitely not these ones)

    These designs prove to me about why her clothing line isn’t selling out & isn’t doing so well. I’ve read that Heidi’s clothing line is outselling Lauren’s by astonishing numbers!! Of course I haven’t seen any of Heidi’s line as of yet but someone should really bring the reality back to Lauren’s brain & let her know she’s better off sticking to her horrible acting on her stupid drama reality show rather than trying to be a designer!

    I often wondered if she even designed these herself but seeing how boring they are I bet they are her designs as they mimick her personality to a tee…………

  • Emily’s right :/, celebrities have no need to overprice things like that.
    But as much as I hate to say this, I actually like her line

  • its hip… some of it i may wear…its every day clothes…which you dont see alot of anymore…i think thats nice…but of course…it will be WELL over priced

  • i think her collection is so cute! lots of the pieces are very wearable and i love that she’s putting a bit more structure in some of her pieces. i don’t understand why everyone thinks her line has to be breakthrough- she’s never claimed as much, so it’s unfair to hold her up to standards that are not her own!

  • Unoriginal, unimaginative, very blaaaaaaaah. It lacks any real design. I wouldn’t wear any of these pieces because I am drawn to things much more quirky and oddball-ish. I can see some 16 year olds liking this though… to mirror their favorite (equally boring and adolescent) MTV personality.

  • I think a couple of the pieces are cute. I recognize a few of them from the show, and while they come off quasi-boring in pictures… I think they looked adorable in motion.

    Poor choice of model, in my opinion. Could have been the photographer. The girl has no shape, and the straight angled pictures do absolutely nothing for her, or the outfits.

  • It looks like the stuff I designed in a summer fashion design class! simple and safe! I would never give a talentless woman like lauren a dime. she’s already wealthy, why blow up her head and make her think that she is a real designer! that would be like a bad Joke!

  • The model definitely looks a lot like her, and I love love love a few of the dresses.
    But definitely not a size 2.

  • Yes, it’s not very original or exciting. But I don’t think her goal was to be that. I like her line–it’s classy and simple. And she’s worked extremely hard on it. However, the clothes are overpriced. If she would drop them to a more affordable price, I’m sure more people would be willing to buy.