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Lily Allen and Elton John Catfight at GQ Awards

It looks like Elton John got a little fed up with Lily’s drunken antics last night as the twosome co-hosted the GQ awards in London.

The music veteran called out the 23-year-old pop singer for swearing and slurring her way through her dialogue as she drank champagne, according to the Times. “What, you are going to have another drink?” John asked.

That’s when the real cat fight got under way. “F— off, Elton,” Allen responded, while celebs like TV chef Gordon Ramsay, producer Mark Ronson, actress Thandie Newton and model Elle MacPherson looked on. “I’m 40 years younger than you. I have my whole life ahead of me.”

John, 61, quipped, “I could still snort you under the table.”

Allen then tried to play it off, saying, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

She continued to steal the spotlight when Tony Bennett took the stage to accept the Inspiration Award. As John introduced the 82-year-old crooner, Allen announced, “I’ll still f— him.”

Oh, man. You wanna see the video, you say?

Heh. It’s after the jump. And it’s hilarious.

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  • Oh god I totally love Lily!! I just wish the stupid Italian speaker could shut up so we could hear the whole conversation. I ::heart:: Lily!!!!!!!

  • What a train wreck. I guess shes always this tasteless and not classy.
    Im surprised she managed to look alright during the awards show (mind you, still drunk though)

  • At least she’s easier to look at and understand than Amy Crackwhore. That is some good stuff. Elton didn’t back down, and stayed with it. great!

  • this clip is annoying – and lilly allen is like how any other person would be who holds no shame and no accountability. . . oh and of course cash. *yawn*

  • I am surprised at you folks for the most part. Here a 23 year old curses like a sailor in front of a crowd of people and TV cameras and you’re all just ranting about how cool and how awesome and how controversial she is. And then some of you are going to excuse her behavior because she rich and hot. NEWS FLASH!! That wasn’t cool, it wasn’t controversial, and it certainly was’t awesome!! If she had come to speak at your kids high school graduation and talked like that most of you would have been ready to crucify her!! And yet you wonder why kids in America these days are out of control?? BECAUSE WE ALLOW THESE KIND OF ROLE MODELSTO GET AWAY WITH THIS BEHAVIOR BECAUSE THEY HAVE MONEY AND LOOKS!!! Someone better save this country because it has gotten out of Gods hands.

    • Ant! you little fucking dickhead!You won’t blame Elton John for his part in this (A madame they call sir) A recovering drug addict, that spent 2 whole weeks in a room with coke and booze, a man that told Madonna to fuck off (actually good for him)a ranting queer of a man, with a vile temper. No you would rather blame Lily Allen for the way everybody raises they’re kids! I’ll just hand you a gun to shoot yourself if you hate America so much, then I’ll hand you a knife in case you miss. Stories about Lily Allen are ranting about everybody, are written by people that rant about everybody. She never said she was a role model, so don’t turn her into something just so that you can rip her up… Fuck’in Asshole

  • She also let slip her brother Alfie and actress Jaime Winstone are engaged, and all hell broke loose, first with Jaime then walking away from Alfie, denying it all and blanking him and family the whole night, and then Alfie and Lily having a very public slanging match.

    OH DEAR.

  • i actually think its quite funny – i love their body language throughout they really don’t want to be stood together – and the like f-you elton is very amusing. Whatever shes a character and makes things a bit more interesting

  • Love this clip, she is well on her way to becoming the Peter O’Toole of our generation. She’s not mean-spirited, she’s a sweet drunk. Elton gets it, the snort comment was nothing but affectionate. And her music is fabulous, let’s not forget.

  • This was a mere attempt at humor, they knew some people would get it or not. Elton John is smiling, and he’s doing it after she tells him to fuck-off, it’s a joke. As far as Elton John being more talented, he had a hit song on the radio every year, for 10 years, but it took time. His debut album Empty Sky (1969) at age 22 was dismal, and wouldn’t be released in the US. until 1975. Lily Allen worked hard at writing, (lyrics only) and Alright Still went to number 2 in the U.K. at the age of 22 with help from Mark Ronson and George Lamb. ( not her dad)

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