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Even Joe Francis Is Getting on the Heidi Montag Train

Joe Francis’ new assistant?

Holly Montag, sister to Heidi.

“His last assistant quit,” said our insider. “And Joe aggressively sought out Holly to work for him.” Another source told us, “She’s running his life.” Francis – who will do battle on “Celebrity Apprentice,” and might also appear on “The Hills” this season – told us, “Holly is fantastic, probably the best assistant I have ever had.”

Man, can we please do a reality series about being Joe Francis’s assistant? Does it just involve responding to subpoenas for him all day?

Perhaps most interesting, before I found the picture above of Heidi and her sister Holly, all searches for “Holly Montag” resulted in photos of Heidi before she was well-known. And I was like — “Holy crap that girl’s had a lot of plastic surgery.” You don’t notice it as it happens slowly, but when you look back — this photo was taken in August 2006, just two years ago — you’re like “Dayum.”

Maybe in the comments section we can try to identify all the procedures she’s had.

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  • I’ve always thought she looked so much better BEFORE all the surgery. Original nose and all. At least she had character. Now, she just looks like… Barbie!

  • agreed…she used to pretty in her early Hills days..I even remember liking her! now she looks like every other LA whore out there. sorry Heidi, but you shouldn’t have spent all your Hills paychecks on surgery…you look worse!!

  • I definatly think she looked better WAYY before! I mean she looks like plastic!! Her nose definatly looks bad!! Its shinier or something, just looks bad..I kind of liked Heidi before, but now she’s all caught up in herself and loser Spencer…sad!!

  • Heidi has had way too much and still isn’t all that cute. LC, however, has always been gorgeous! ooooh!!!

  • Don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news (or good), but Holly was out drinking the other night and admitted that she no longer worked for Joe and the only reason there is a gag on this is so he can continue going on the Hills. Weird, huh?