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Okay Jimmy Kimmel Just Regained a Tiny Bit of My Respect

As much as I hate Jimmy Kimmel — and I can’t even quite recall why anymore, but I’m certain I do — I have to give him some props for this hilarious interview with Lauren Conrad.

Just start around 4:05 and don’t stop until it’s over. Honestly. Don’t stop until it ends. You have to watch the clip of The Hills they run at the very end. The whole thing is LOL-tastic.

Here’s a spoiler: Jimmy forces her to watch one of Heidi Montag’s music videos.

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  • No. I don’t know why this show is even a show. I tried to watch it a couple times, but my hand kept grabbing the remote. JK does a good job keeping it real, but remember when Dave Letterman had Spencer?

  • Wow that so great! The LOOK on Lauren’s face is P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S! It expresses all of my feelings- if not everyone’s.

  • I thought she handled all of that really real and came across as really sweet. I think he should have Heidi and Spencer on and make them watch Lauren’s reaction to Heidi’s home made movie, oops I mean video.

  • I thought JK did a pretty good job here. I am on the fence with him too. But he’s ok. Not a fan of the Hills but have seen it. LC used to bug me but she doesn’t seem to be snobby, she seems pretty down to earth. I was SO glad to hear Kimmel comment about Audrina’s eyes. She DOES always look skyward, it’s freaky. Plus the fact that he actually said he questionned her about it?? I like him for that alone!!

  • I guess you have to actually watch the show to understand what’s going on here…..otherwise, not too funny.

  • I am not hte only one that saw this a couple of days ago. He was clowning her. Funny. Maybe she knew what she was getting into.

  • Lol… the look on Laurens face.. lolololol…. After the video.. ha ha ha.. similar to me and my husbands face when we saw that on E!

    Gosh im glad i DVR all this stuff, its just too funny! Thanks Perez for the updates!

    I just found out about your site.. will stop by when we want up to the minute reports on the stars!! yayness!

  • Jimmy Kimmel rocks… I thought you gave him back the respect after the whole “fucking ben afflick thing”…. actually a good clip; Heidi and Spencer set off my rage disorder, so I stay away from the Hills as much as possible.