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Michael Phelps Watch

I don’t know if or when I am going to get over the whole “I-want-Michael-Phelps-to-be-my-boyfriend-or-perhaps-just-have-dirty-sex-with-me” thing.

This is not helping.

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  • I don’t usually find him as attractive as everyone else (Beet) seems too, but this is a good picture of him. I think it’s because he’s looking down just a little.

  • Hey Sacha, I’m a lifeguard in the dc area and one of my fellow guards actually slept with phelps a few months ago when she was up at school in baltimore. She said it wasn’t that impressive.

  • He looks okay when he’s not smiling. When he smiles he’s always got that dumb, dorky, “I’ve swallowed too much chlorine” look that just makes me cringe.

  • Yes Ruby….. his smile makes his face look awkward and 12-year-oldish. This is much, much better. The longer hair is better too….. shorter makes his ginormous head stand out too much.

  • a woman slept with Phelps and said it wasn’t that impressive?
    did they have sex?
    if they did and I am not surprised
    sex is sex
    it’s not meant to be impressive
    it’s just a part of life
    but I am impressed to read such comment about him
    since everyone knows who he is
    he is a man like other men
    I would never comment on sexual encounters anyway
    anonymous or famous guys included
    it’s a matter of taste and opinion, of course

  • Michael Phelps seems to be getting less attractive as he gets older. which is understandable, but the guy’s like 23. I mean, he looked pretty cute in the Athens olympics, if I remember correctly.

    oh yeah and I saw him on the cover of a tabloid in the checkout line and it amused me for some reason. it said, “who is michael phelps’ secret love?” or something dramatic like that.

  • this dude needs to get back in the f’ing pool. he’s like a manatee. he’s only pretty to look at when swimming. put him on dry land and he’s just flappin’ around and gasping for air and shit.