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I Guess This is Really Happening

Well Jessica Simpson has now “reinvented” herself as a Country Singer.


It is a bit creepy how she all of a sudden got the sexy football player boyfriend, a pair of cowboy boots and now she really thinks that she can connect with country fans.

She also has a Maltipoo that she carries in a designer dog bag. Click below to sample. The whole album really isn’t that bad I hate to say. She has always had a knockout voice when she wasn’t trying to be all riffy riffy.

Also Lars, I have missed you. Really do we have to do this in front of all of the readers? It has been too long.

The Beet, however, loves me best.

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  • I will just say this, and I will stick by it.

    1) I missed you too. We should hijack this site more often. Oh no wait, Beet would have us both killed because she’s now more powerful than Viacom.

    2) If Jessica Simpson screws up Tony Romo’s fantasy season I’ll find her. And it will be ugly.

  • Holy shit she looks like a retard in that cover shot. Lights are on and nobody’s home! Oh wait, I think that’s her “sexy” look. LMAO

  • Jessica is just too old to pull off the come-hither look. I hope Tony Romo really cares about her. She could use a break right about now.

  • She’s like, “Dad, no one likes me anymore!”
    “Don’t worry, Jess. We still have the hicks from back home. I mean, they listen to everything. How do you think the country stations keep their listeners?”

  • Ugh–she’s so beautiful but that one facial expression she uses all the time is so vacant if I stare at her too long I can almost feel my own IQ points just draining away. The power of stupid.

    Spiteful Lars and EvilT–I like all your posts, and always enjoy it when you guys sit in for the Evil Beet.

  • She has the stunning looks and talents that will be successful if ..; only tightly scripted, and delivered by radio.

  • Who cares about the music …. as long as she’s still got that pretty face and those amazing tits to jerk to !! .. am i wrong ?