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Duff’s Dad in the Slammer

This came out of left field.

Hilary Duff’s dad has been jailed for 10 days for violating the terms of his divorce. I guess he started selling off assets he wasn’t supposed to and was essentially jailed for contempt of court. Hilary’s parents have been in divorce proceedings now for a while and the whole thing came to a head when Hilary’s mom asked for $25,000 to throw Hilary a 21st birthday party.

Um, isn’t she really rich and famous. I mean…at that point don’t you just pay for your own birthday party or do it in Vegas and get somebody else to pay for it?

Seriously. Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and Hayden Panettiere’s fathers have all been in jail at one time or another. Forget about these girls going off the handle, we need to worry about their crazy parents.

It is really sad what happens to these families when their kids get famous.

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  • Um, SHE’S 21 YEARS OLD. Bitch is an adult. How can you demand a $25,000 birthday party for your ADULT CHILD?! Fucking ridiculous. Spoiled brat!

  • I’m with Chuck. Hilary Duff is shacked-up with some guy. Let him throw her a bitch-day party.
    I can understand her mom being upset that dad dumped her, but she is just using Hilary Duff to get back at him.
    I can’t wait until the day comes when Dad becomes engaged to a 22 year old and knocks her up. What will Hilary’s mom do then? Take him to court because he moved on?

  • Susan is only asking for 25,000 because thats what he payed to throw a party for Haylie when she turned 21, and Hilary cant pay for her own birthday, shes already paying for her moms legal fees.

  • so with mw, chuck and proustafarian (love that name) on this one.
    get a job and pay for her party yourself. she’s an adult and ostensibly can pay for her own freaking party!

  • funny. i’m way more interested in the dad than the famous daughter. she’s a bore. do us a favor and quit posting about her. thanks.