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Heidi Montag: “Overdosin'” Video

Who directed this shit? Spencer? Probably.

There’s nothing really to say about this, except for that it’s a kind of pathetic ploy by Heidi to get some attention for her unspeakably crappy new “song,” and it’s really kind of tragic that it’s actually working.

I got to 1:39 before I had to stop watching. See if you can beat my time.

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  • I made it 34 seconds in…I have some questions:

    1) Was the song recorded from a TV? The sound quality is terrible

    2) She has an effect on her voice, does that mean she can sing? NO

    3) Didn’t Olivia Newton John make this video in the 80s?

    I don’t know what pile of garbage is guiding her career but please drive your car of a cliff and take her with you!

  • are you kidding me? that crap is 10 minutes long? I almost vomited at :38. There is no way I could make it all the way thru. Horrible. I will probably have nightmares.

  • ::blinks::

    Um yeah.
    And it’s TEN minutes long??? I clicked ahead towards the end just to see what more happens later on in the video… It was just more footage of her and her “class” dancing around… with NO SOUND.

    Stupid, in every sense of the word.

  • Wow. That was surreal. And horrible. What is she mouthing in the video since she doesn’t appear to actually be singing along with the song?

  • Got to bad disco lighting at 1:22. I hope this is not the official video, sound and video quality are so bad… Don’t these 2 losers have $$. A high school garage band could do better than this.

    people do anything to extend their 15 minutes of fame to the limit, face it without this crap nobody would be talkin about this ugly whore.

  • I have to say, I think it’s an unfinished or leaked version, none of the lip synch matches up. But I saw some leaked photos from this same shoot (I suppose) that looked super high quality ??

    In any case, I think it’s now official – she can’t do anything worthwhile.

  • i wonder if this is a faulty “leak” – it doesn’t match up at all, and spencer’s gonna realize that in about 4 hours and be like, oh shit, we leaked the wrong product!

  • Holy. Fuck. What the hell is wrong with Heidi? Not only did the video make no sense with the lame ass song, but I bet she used this video as an excuse just to get into something tight to show off her fake boobs. 1:24 bitches. Beat that.

  • is this supposed to be sarcastic, or is really THAT BAD?
    and 2:15. i had to force open my eyes with pliers, then put them down because i had to turn the volume down on the computer so the shittyness of the song wouldn’t corrupt my ears, or computer for that matter.

    and why the hell is 10 minutes long???

  • I am unsure what she’s trying to accomplish with this “video”. Does she need promotion so bad that she has to mock herself for it? Is that her actual song playing because what is wrong with the sound?

    I got to 3:30. It’s like a trainwreck.

  • So after the song ends, the video actually gets worse. in complete silence! it’s awful. i can’t even describe it’s terrible-ness.

    But, I do think I’ve found a new way to torture people. This video. On repeat. All day. It’d make anyone crack.

  • The audio stops at around 4 minutes… but I skipped around after I hit two minutes. This video is crap. Is she not even capable of lip-synching?? The whole thing is 80’s gyrating. Hurl.

  • I was going to stop at 3:00, but the computer would not respond and was making sick noises. At 4:06, my eyes began to bleed. At 5:31, my laptop exploded. If Heidi wants attention that bad, then she needs to go sans panties and pull a Britney.

  • I made it till 1:09. Damn you Spencer!!! This has your name written all over it!!! Thats a minute and 9 seconds I’ll never get back!!!

  • i think it was just a really really poor attempt at a joke…or maybe making fun of herself…

    hey does anyone remember season 1 of the hills when heidi was like, the cutest thing ever and had an actual personality? and, you know, a non-synthetic face? *sigh* i miss those days

  • Hahahaha! The extras steal the show!

    I love crazy Village People Angry Chic!
    I love crazy Village People Angry Aerobic Cowboy!

    Someone give them their own show.

    *cough* Anyway…

    The video is broken. It isn’t supposed to be 10 minutes long. I’m guessing something broke during the conversion process.

    I’m guessing village idiots put this together. uses that sony-cam sparkle effect?! Jesus christ. Maybe they filmed it at Glamor Shots. That’s what it looks like.

    At least I wasn’t surprised.

    (I turned the sound OFF, so I have no idea what it sounds like. I know she can’t sing and the still of the video told me I didn’t want to try to listen.)

    I think I clicked ahead to around 2:50 or so.

  • 1:06. You’ve got to be kidding me. I tried so hard to beat your time, you’re a champ for hanging in there that long.

  • Can we give her a little credit? The video is running at, like, quarter-speed. The song is not ten minutes long. Whoever encoded the video made a mistake.

  • I agree with Jennatar.

    But still, overall, despite the faulty video I’ve seen enough of it to make a ruling on it. AWESOME! She obviously just wants people to watch how bad it is, just like her last video. I applaud such a pathetic attempt for youtube hits.

  • Are you serious?!?!?! W T F was that. was it some kind of joke. Im not even kidding there is no way thats the real thing. I got to 0:38 and then i literally threw up in my mouth.

  • 1:42 and I turned the sound off! I think we are all in agreement in saying that we can only hope she will take the title to heart and possible her and her waste of space flesh colored douche bag sperm shooter boyfriend will do some “overdosin” with some anti-freeze and play in traffic!

  • I got to 1:50 and turned it off!!

    wtf was that?!?!?it that was terrible. Heidi you suck, just give up beacuse you’ll never be a singer honey.

  • i thought i’m going to do it. i will sit through the whole thing. i’m strong enough. yeah, .57 then my ears started to bleed.

    please just overdose heidi. please.

  • ahahahahaha, i fast forwarded several times because i couldn’t stand watching it, and she’s just doing the same shit for ten fucking minutes

  • she needs to relize she is nothing compaired to lauren…and probably just kill herself and spencer. because their attempt at fame is pitiful… really? staging fights all the time and shit…stupid

  • lmaoooo thats fucking ridiculous… poor girl.. but hey, she will get some fans.. all male though, but i guess she doesnt really give a shit anyway, as long as shes famous…

  • I don’t get it. Are the lyrics supposed to match her mouth? More importantly, I don’t get how she is famous and where the money and effort to make such a mockery comes from. Ewwww.

  • honestly… wtf was she thinking… she’s gorgeous, but she cannot sing at all! and this video is horrible!

  • :27
    I feel sorry for her…
    I know its kinda mean…But yeah,
    I don’t envy her, not even for her money…..