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Just In Case Your Day Wasn’t Pink Enough So Far

Paris and Nicky Hilton paint the town pink on Sunday night in Malibu.

And I included the second photo because it really does look like a single one of Paris’s feet is like twice the size of her head and her huge boat feet make me laugh. I bet if there were plastic surgery to get your feet made smaller, Paris Hilton would do it. I bet Paris looks at pictures of those little girls in Asia with the bound feet and is all like, “OMG those girls are soooo lucky. I wish someone had done that for me.”

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  • her feet looks sooo weird! HAHAHAH
    but I love Nicky, she looks pretty and well dressed. I wish I could say that about Paris..

  • What’s funny is I was driving through Bev Hills the other day and at a red light I looked over and saw a bus bench advertising “foot plastic surgery”. I was a bit puzzled……hummmmm

  • No wonder Paris always looks like she’s slouching when she walks. Those gunboats throw her off-balance when she moves.

  • I have size 12 (US) feet. I wish there was foot reduction surgery, because no shoe company goes higher than an 11 unless they’re making shoes for tranny hookers.

    Paris can at least wear designer shoes. Bitch.

  • lol @ the bitch Asta threw in at the end of her sentence! And I thought wearing a size 10 was bad.

    Her feet really make her look goofy and clumsy.

  • As a fellow size 11, a must sympathize with the skank and cringe at all of your snide remarks.

    I don’t know how tall Paris is, but I’m 5’10”, so they’re kind of in proportion on me.

  • i take comfort that jacqueline kennedy onassis was a size 11 too!
    beet, everytime you pop out a baby you gain a half shoe size. just another reason for birth control and/ or adoption.

  • Why did the term “pink cadillac” just pop into my head when I was looking at Paris’ shoes?

  • I thought she was standing on top of two Smart cars like Grape Ape…

    Why does she always look like she’s competing in the strongman competition and pulling a tractor-trailer behind her? She looks like a 5 year old trying to walk in heels or something with her legs bent so weird.

  • ^ Whoa! Loads of you have large feet; I feel sorry for you guys! I’m never going to get crabby when i go shopping for shoes ever again!

  • well , I reckon you can probably count on “Sideshow Bob” getting all hot n heavy n horny over those sexy(!) flippers!