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Wedding Pictures!!!

Hooray for the first pics of the Portia/Ellen wedding on Saturday!

How gorgeous does Portia look???

I want that dress for MY wedding!

Thanks Laura!

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  • I think it’s funny that she’s wearing a suit. For some reason it makes more sense for me that lesbians would both wear a dress considering they are both women.

    It’s like there still needs to be a man in the relationship…

  • Joan Collins wore this dreary dress better in Dynasty. So cute they espouse each other and lucky Ellen has someone to leave all her wealth to, other than her cats.

  • I am so happy for them and the progress that GLTB are FINALLY making, not enough progress, but at least some.

  • congratulations to them! i hope things work out for them; they really seem to make one another happy.

  • tvf, that’s the style of clothing Ellen wears. She could have worn a gorgeous feminine gown, but it’s not her style. I don’t think they are perpetuating any stereotype intentionally; they were simply being themselves.

  • I love what they are both wearing. Their outfits suit them perfectly! Does Portia look at bit on the too skinny side or has she’s always been that thin?

  • Awwww they both look truly amazing!!! they’re so in love & u jus know they’re not like other celebs who just do it 4 the money or fame!
    Big congrats to the u both :)

  • so i answer my front door yesterday and there is an elderly gentleman there asking me if i have heard of proposition 8 on the ca ballot this november. he then handed me a pamphlet and stated that his group is definitely supporting the measure that seeks to honor the sanctity of marriage by guaranteeing that it is only between a man and a woman. wow, they are out early and in force.

    so, if the ballot measure passes and same sex marriage is overturned, what happens to portia, ellen and everyone else who was married when it was legal?

    more tax dollars wasted. sigh.

  • ellen is so repulsive, pretending to be a man…that’s sick..only in this f*cking world could happen.
    And all the fans of this two monster deserves hell.
    this freak show named ellen wearing a suit…omg….sick sick sick repulsive.

  • maybe b/c she wanted to wear a freakin tux. why do people assume since she’s a woman she should automatically wear a dress? not every woman likes wearing dresses.

  • They look so happy and that dress is amazing! Ellen never wears dresses or skirts. It has nothing to do with how is the “man” in the relationship.

    How can anyone would look at this and say that a person doesn’t have a right to marry whomever he or she loves.

  • If Ellen had a worn a dress I would’ve died. Why is it so weird for people to dress in what they’re comfortable in? I’m most comfortable in jeans and even dressing up I go for trousers, not skirts. And I’m straight.

    Portia has battled anorexia in the past and still struggles with it. She’s nothing like the curvy girl she was in “Sirens”.

    I loved the outfit Ellen wore – a lot like my favourite movie costume of all time – the one the girl hero wore in Labyrinth. One day I will have clothes like that.

  • Gigi, you are an idiot. If you have seen Ellens show at all you would know that is her style, Portia likes dressing fancy and Ellen doesnt really care too much about what she wears.

    Congrats to them, they look very happy! and Ellen is hilarious!

  • What is this, Barry Lindon meets Cinderella? From the sublime to the ridiculous. The bride is taller than the groom, it’ll never work out. Next non-news please…….

  • Ellen is soo fucking lucky to have such a Beautiful & Gorgeous girl as Portia. Good luck to them both.

  • As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that you are lucky if you fall in love and the person you love cares for you as well.

    Good for Ellen and Portia. Hope they stay happy.

  • its not a stereotype at ALL, Ellen has never worn dress’s/ skirts since she has openly come out as gay, shes being true 2 herself, get over it!!

  • Who is the giver and who is the receiver in this relationship? I can never figure out that type of love. Lesbians make me sick as do gay guys. Do they want to be a man , so they dress like one yet they wish they could… I think it is sick.

  • There are too many hateful comments on this. It makes me disgusted reading them, more disgust that those people can ever feel towards homosexuals. Love is love. Hate is hate.

    it’s not your love, but yet you still chose to hate it. You can just go and live in a hole for the rest of your life. Condemning the happiness of others is just plain selfish. Good day to you.

  • That makes me sick … and want to through up . if Portia likes to be married to someone dress like men and looks like men and talk like men .. why wouldn’t she marry a man. People are fooling themselves

  • They are gross. Shouldnt be called marriage in gay world. Should be called, abomination.