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Blake Lively’s Look: Love It or Leave It?

At a Gossip Girl party in the Hamptons this weekend.

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  • I only like the jeans.

    The whites don’t really match. But I guess you can’t really tell when it comes to those bright flashes from the camera.

  • Hrm… I have to say, I like her top. But the rest of it, it’s blah. Too much white for me. Maybe if she had worn a black skirt and white pumps. Or white shorts and colored shoes. But this is UGH. A C- at best.

  • i love it but i hate the shoes…she should have gone with light gold, strappy sandals to compliment her hair

  • I was wondering what time the lobster was being served…and I think the sheer white stuff widens her midriff.

  • Ayuh, must be a clambake…she’s wearing a bib — plus she can wipe her mouth with whatever that is trailing from her hips.

    That is one stupid-looking outfit.

  • read this on msn’s “celebrities undressed” in relation to this outfit and laughed outloud some:

    Week of August 18, 2008
    White Collar Crime: Blake Lively doesn’t exactly live up to her name as she poses listlessly in all white at a Hamptons bash. Turns out there’s a darn good reason for the “Gossip Girl” starlet’s glum expression and hunched, weight-of-the-world-carrying shoulders. See, she … morecould have sworn her stylist said she’d scored her a puffy skirt from Lagerfeld. Instead, she ended up with the puffy shirt from “Seinfeld.” Blake’s horror was compounded when she discovered it wasn’t even the whole shirt — it was just a tragic dickey version, and a mesh-bedecked dickey at that. On the plus side, with this ruffled eyesore in her closet, the actress is well prepared — once she trades in her shuffleboard-ready sandals for something in a mile-high purple platform — if she’s ever called upon to sing backup on “When Doves Cry.”

  • I fucked Blake Lively. She wasn’t all that good. She doesn’t know how to suck a dick. Her snatch was also sort of turned inside-out so I slided in too easily. She had great, big tits though.