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Has Anybody Read Roseanne Barr’s Blog Lately?

I really can’t recommend it enough. This woman holds nothing back, and it’s entertaining stuff, whether or not you agree with her opinions. Here are some excerpts from the last couple of days:

jon voight is a frightened little girl in a pink ballet tutu, who acts like Obama just wandered in from the rain forest with a bone thru his nose and a communist pamphlet in his loincloth. The neocons who own jon voight and make him dance on the chabad telethons are the worst most elitist people on earth. glen beck and jon voight are their bitches… both of them are used tampons who must be flushed down the toilet immediately! jon voight your evil spawn angelina jolie and her vacuous hubby brad pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more. (just sayin’).

And another:

elizabeth edwards: tell your husband to man up and claim his baby. Divorce him. take your kids and go to the beaches in southern france and then go see gaudi’s art in barcelona. Act like the strong woman that you are, get off the victim wagon. set a feminist example. take half the money and just go.

And just one more:

john edwards is a chump but bush stole all of our money and killed innocent babies and children and women with it…there’s a frickin scandal for ya! and he doesn’t even have to answer for it one one hundredth as much as edwards is being assailed for knocking up one slutty showbiz junkie. The media cares more about sneaky sex than about torture death and holocaust.

For more opinionated Roseanne goodness, click here.

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  • When I went to Kent State, Michael Moore came to talk at our school and brought Roseanne Barr with him. I was pleasantly surprised by how articulate and liberal she was. And of course she was hilarious.

  • You can’t use your rights to free speech in the USA like that without a Republican putting a bullet into your teeth.

    She is a brave woman.

  • you’re so slooooooooooow at putting more stories on beet!!! i’m getting bored now! hurry up & put something else on!! yawn!

  • Yeah, I know that every time I publicly express my liberal views republicans get out their shotguns and start threatening me. Here in the US all we do is cower in fear of the GUNS OH JEESUS.

  • Snowdevil what is the matter? Don’t have the balls to threaten to shoot me by my online name? You conservative piece of shit.

  • I think she is a bit extreme and a loose canon liberalism does not need. There is a difference between making intelligent biting comments and being stupid and mean. Her ad homonym remarks about people are more Republican policy as normal than liberal. How smart can a woman be if she can marry a guy like Tom Arnold. Think about that.

    I worked on one of Tom’s short lived shows once and he told us all Roseanne fired the camera crew of her show because they made her look fat! I laughed my ass off with the cast and crew of Tom’s show. He’s an idiot but he can be funny. Roseanne on the other hand is really nothing more than a crass, evil, muddle-headed, yenta. I vote no on Ms Barr.

  • Roseanne is brilliant and funny. Never really liked her tv show, but this is great stuff. For those who find her writings disturbing (which they are meant to be)… read this again in 30 years… You will get it then (maybe). Thanks, Beet, for bringing this blog to my attention.

    Also, I really enjoyed Roseanne’s links. The Pine Ridge reservation donation website is a wonderful opportunity for teaching young children how to share, as the items requested are simple and very concrete, and many are well within a child’s ability to buy.

  • All fine and dandy blog advice from the expert of regrets.. considering Roseanne’s life was a dull, dumb mass of vanity, usery and cruelty and she messed up everything and one who came in contact with her.

  • my favorite roseanne quote is:

    “i would much rather suck some guys c*&k to get ahead than kiss his ass because it’s a finite act. there’s an end. ya see, once you start kissing ass, it never stops; you have to kiss that ass for the rest of your life.”

    while she says some truly nutty things, she can also be flipping brilliant. i like people who are prepared to go out on a limb and express their opinions popular or not, e.g. john voigt and roseanne. it takes all kinds to make life interesting.

  • This is why I can never take the Democratic Party too seriously or give it much credibility. It seems like they have so many members in the celebrity limelight who have to resort to childish rants and name calling in order to make their points — Alec Baldwin, Al Franken, Michael Moore, Jeanine Garafalo, and now big mouth, ignorant, let’s-trash-the-national-anthem Rosanne. Funny, but seldom do you hear celebrities who are considered to be conservatives ever lowering themselves to this level. Combine this nonsense with all of the idealistic rhetoric about “change” that we’ve been hearing for the last 8 months and you can pretty much label them the BS Party. While the Republicans and the current presidential administration are definitely no prize (masters of f***ing up and multiple fiascos, for sure), the Democrats have them beat by a mile on the lameness scale. They are selling the American public a bill o’ goods, and unfortunately, in November, they will probably buy it. Now excuse me while I continue my research for some good tax shelters.

  • Rush Limbaugh can outdo any left wing nutcase any day of the week.

    @ ribbit: I will give you that there are flashes of brilliance in her madness.

  • I agree with Senor Loco….. and….

    I love Roseanne and I love her show… I could not disagree more with her politics but she is hilarious and she has good points sometimes. I don’t think you have to agree with someone on every point in order to like or enjoy their music/performance art of whatever kind. I think that’s what a lot of people do not do….. if someone is a republican/democrat they automatically despise eveything they say no matter what. it’s this blind conformity that some people mask as being anti-conformist…. yet they are still conforming to the anti-whatever. Like saying that republicans will put a bullet in your teeth for speaking freely…. that’s just ignorant. But consider the source…. always consider the source and things will be perfectly clear.

  • Just another big mouth spewing hateful comments. And as far as telling Elizabeth Edwards to quit playing the victim-the poor woman is dying=F off Rosanne

  • Barr states it’s the media’s perception of Pitt and Jolie which makes them seem evil. So get angry with the media. They have done more for this planet then most. Awareness of the blithes around the world.
    And get your facts straight. I think if you tallied how much they have give in dollars we are talking 10s of Millions……and they donated to the Katrina victims as well. More celebrities need to get off their bottoms and do something instead of making rude comments of those who do care. And expect to do the talk show circuit since no one has heard from them for awhile. Cheap shots for self promotion. Be nice people. We are on this Big Ball together.

  • P.S. I love Roseanne Barr but like so many celebs and politicians make statements without true facts. Get them straight before you open your mouths people.. The green eyed monster comes out watch out and there are too many people who take what” they “(celebs)say as gospel VERY SCARY!!!!

  • Isn’t it enough that people already think Roseanne is a Big Mouth Idiot……. Why does she have to open up her mouth just to prove it to everyone?

  • You Must be kidding! Out of the mouth of someone who’s elevator barely reaches the middle floor let alone the top! Roseanne is probably the last person on earth who’s opinion counts for anything other than she get a little attenton. She has proved this time and time again over the years. She may be a legend in her own mind but she is just another used up, washed out, bitter over the hill wanna be. Who is she to tell anyone who they should, must or might have to vote for? Did someone forget to tell her to take her Meds again?