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It’s Still On!

Tila Tequila showed up at yet another red carpet event with Courtenay Semel, Lindsay Lohan’s ex.

You know, I’m embarrassed to say this, but I would totally watch a reality show about Courtenay and Tila’s relationship. I mean, remember what a bitch Courtenay was on Filthy Rich Cattle Drive? The whole thing just sounds like reality TV gold to me.

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  • courtenay’s sister was on my freshman hall in college (for about a month- she had dropped out by halloween), and courtenay came for freshman move in. it was right after filthy rich had aired, and though i had never heard of her, a few people were excited. but man, she was about the worst “celebrity” imaginable..

  • They are both attention whores, except Tila’s been more successful at it that C. I’d put money on a a new reality show down the pipe for them.

    I hear Casey Johnson was at that event with some new piece of ass as well.

  • courtney or however you spell that ugly tramps ass
    and tila retardo are both using each other
    its dumb
    c.s. is using t.i.t.s for her looks and body
    and t.t. is using c.s. or her money
    duh duh duh

  • Seriously, that chick looks like one of those ‘rat people’ of Pakistan that I read about a couple of weeks ago. She’s horrendous looking.

  • Reality Shows are for a generation who can write anything interesting; untalented cheap-ass producers who don’t want to hire writers or actors and pay them, and an undiscerning public who should be paying attention to their government and economy that is going down the tubes, but instead concern themselves with lives of g-list manufactured on the spot celebrities who offer little except their sorted dirty laundry for all to examine– go figure.