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The Chinese Gymnasts Are 12 Years Old


The AP has uncovered new evidence that some of the women on the Chinese gymnastics team are, in fact, under the required age of 16.

Duh, duh, duh.

Have you seen those girls? They made the girls from our team look old and fat. In fact, they made the teeth of the girls from our team look old and fat. Say what you want about body fat, genetics, etc, nobody is still sporting all their baby teeth at the age of 16.

China is, of course, not interested in admitting that the girls’ ages were faked, and the IOC doesn’t seem particularly interested in investigating further. This sucks. It’s the kind of bullshit you would have expected to see from the Soviet teams twenty years ago, but not today.

Meanwhile, the All-Arounds are tonight. Hopefully Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin can get out there and kick some ass!!!

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  • Cab somebody tell me why gymnastics has the age requirement of 16? I know that the divers and I *think* swimmers can compete younger…Is the requirement because they are trying to prevent some sort of permanent damage to prepubescent bodies due to their rigorous training??

  • moxy: you are correct. the age limit was put in place after permanent injuries to several younger gymnasts.

    this is just another example of how much the chinese government is willing to sacrifice to win: its integrity and the health of its children. so sad.

    the ioc is culpable here if any of those little girls, because that is what they are, little girls, are injured. it really bothers me that no one is questioning the chinese olympic committee for fear of offending them. THEY ARE CHEATING AND AT THE EXPENSE OF CHILDREN. the only person i’ve heard criticize the chinese team’s tactics is bela karoly and he just comes off like he has sour grapes because of the u.s. getting the silver. other people need to step up and speak out.

    i guess that it isn’t a problem for the ioc that china is disregarding age requirements considering they gave the olympics to china in the first place: what with their tremendous record of human rights violations and inhumane treatment of people, especially children. What’s an age requirement violation in comparison to those issues?

    okay, that’s two rants about china for me today. i’m going to power down; i guess i’m right there with you beet – angry with the chinese government.

  • What really chaps my ass is the hypocrisy of the IOC. If this were about doping allegations you can bet they would be all over it. Since this is about something seemingly far less harmful to the “spirit of the games” then they turn a blind eye. I see this being exposed completely after the games and a big oh well by the IOC. If it weren’t for Michael Phelps I wouldn’t give two shits about the Olympics held in the cesspool of human rights violations and pollution.

  • It doesn’t surprise me that China would cheat and I think they should have their gold medals taken away. On the other hand, cheating or not, the US team had their asses handed to them by 12 year old girls so that’s gotta hurt.

  • INSANE!!!

    And yet the IOC will go back and strip medals from people who allegedly used drugs years ago, but let’s all turn a blind eye to lying cheating China. Maybe they are too scared to say anything, I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese Govt to lock down the entire country and take everyone hostage.

    Can’t wait to see what else comes out in this farce of an Olympics. Except for Mr. Phelps. He’s a hottie.

  • “you would have expected to see from the Soviet teams twenty years ago, but not today. ”

    please. wake up. China is from the same mold of the “old” Soviets. We’re fooling ourselves or hiding our heads in the sand if we don’t wanna believe they seek dominate in all aspects…..

  • They should be stripped of their medals, cheating is cheating, and there is no way those little girls are over 16. I agree with Beet, putting the Chinese gymnasts next to USA gymnasts and we look like the geriatic gymnasts.

  • One of them even has a freakin gap in her teeth like she just lost a tooth! So fucking wrong. Rules are rules, and if you don’t follow them you should be disqualified! Period!

  • The whole thing is ridiculous- the only reason America is mad is because deep down, we think our girls are too old and fat and wish we could put our 13 year old robots out there on the floor.

  • Um, before we continue, the American track team has for years snubbed its nose at the IOC and refused to participate in drug testing, etc. And they get away with it because it’s the mighty US. So let’s keep in mind that there are a lot of cheaters.

    As for baby teeth, I’m in my 30s and was shocked to discover I still have two. I don’t know the names of teeth but they aren’t the two top middle teeth but the two on either side. My dentist (who’s freaking hot) showed me the x-ray where you can see the adult teeth up in my gums. He said that he could extract them and pull the adult teeth down. I asked him if I needed to do that. He asked if I was in pain, I said no, he said no. That’s when I knew I could trust him (like it matters, he’s fucking hot).

  • all i know is, regardless of their age, they better get their tiny little asses busy and start making the sweater i’m gonna buy my mom for christmas.

  • In the equestrian events, do the winning horses get medals? I mean it would only be fair, the horse is the one doing most of the work.

  • Don’t be so spiteful. China may not be the “model nation” but neither is the US. Just because they’re better than us in gymnastics (yeah, it’s great we won the female all-around.. but they owned us in the other three gymnastics events).
    And the comment by censorthis is just plain wrong. Well, we may see China and think labor issues and whatever but the rest of the world looks at us and think obese money-mongers. I rather be seen as a hard worker than some lazy, fat ass consumer whore. >:p

    PS- I belong in the minority of this nation’s population who isn’t horridly overweight.

  • The Olympics in general are a huge farce. Billions spent so kids and young adults can hop around, swim, kick balls etc. in a show designed to boast how great each country is, meanwhile people are homeless, starving and dying of disease. Great priorities. It’s all bullshit politics, especially the events that are judged and not timed. Not interested. And is it a big surprise that a shithole like communist China would cheat and lie? All countries are guilty of it to some degree but the communist nations are the worst. Their whole economy and doctrine is built on lies.

  • Excse me, but has anyone else noticed that this “little girl” has a huge wad in her muffin zone? I think the real scandal is that they are lying about using very pretty little BOYS.

  • I think we should so stop bringing this up. Our USA girls, who really are 16 and up, got their asses kicked by girls who are as much as 8 years younger. How fucking embarrasing. Let’s stop reminding ourselves of it.

  • I hate China. It sucks ass and everybody knows it. Why they held the games there? Beats me. ha, and there’s no way in hell that that little girl is fuckin 16. I’m 16 and I could pass as a nineteen year old. This girl can’t even pass at 10!

    wow. ha, I’m not even American and I think that the americans were cheated out of and should have gotten that medal. Shawn Johnston rocks!

    • man looking back 3 years ago is funny you retards dont even know any thing about china yet you rip on them… i moved from the shit hole of north america to china. better food and better ways to spend my money. i can now get any thing i wanted from north america and every thing here too. dont talk shit untell youve lived there fuck tards

  • Fuck China(THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF EVERYONE UNDER 5 feet), japan and all asian countries. Ohyeah also RUSSIA……..

  • Fuck those little luv long time bitches… I George Bush will make sure those girls are disqualified or I will invade…… YEAH YEAH drop a Nukelar Bomb on those little Yellow people. FUCK RUSSIA

  • Do you know that you are repeating yourself? First of all, I am a South korean. Since i live outside of your country, I have no reason to rooting for your people. And I think NBC’s “breaking news” is just the same old stuff that bitter americans been talking about past 2 weeks. Of course, that’s par for the course from the network that brought you “plausibly live” Olympic coverage. And i’m sure your local news is INCREDIBLY biased, not only about the gymnasts. So I wouldn’t be surprised how harsh they are about that little “Oree Enul” girs are cheating.;_ylt=AvyP8VfH9TcqK241sgpzulms0NUE

    LOL (Sorry I didn’t mean to laugh!)

  • @FuckUSA: I’m in Australia and, truth be told, don’t really care about the Olympics. However, rules are rules and cheating is cheating. If everyone participating agrees on an age restriction, much like they agree on barring the use of steroids and other medical methods of manipulating results, then it should be of great import to uphold those rules. It is especially disturbing when such manipulation (in this case, of people’s ages) is government sponsored.

    Also, you certainly are entitled to your opinion about the USA, Australia or anywhere else (at least in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada you are… I’ve been to South Korea and while I can’t say there is censorship there, I certainly didn’t see the same freedoms of speech that I am accustomed to) but I find it ironic that you elected to post on “Evil Beet,” a site that predominantly covers US pop-culture. I hope you enjoy Lindsay Lohan’s tits and Evil Beet’s wet clit stories as much as those in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK (and anywhere else… sorry if I missed somebody!) :-)

    @Fu Me: Why? Your ignorance is unbelievable. Some Asian people do speak accented English… but let me ask you this: How’s your Mandarin? Yes, I didn’t think so. Who is the ignorant one now?