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Christian Bale’s Off the Hook

Batman will not face charges in relation to the “verbal abuse” incident that took place last month, say UK officials.

Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service said there was insufficient evidence to afford a “realistic prospect of conviction,” and ordered police not to take any further action.

If this were a physical abuse case, I’d be all like “WTF???” but I still can’t really figure out what “verbal abuse” is, at least in a criminal sense, because if my little sister went running to the cops every time I called her a shithead, they’d have no time to do important things like arrest celebrities for DUIs. So thank goodness the U.S. doesn’t operate that way.

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  • i wonder if they will sue him civilly unless he buys them off beforehand.
    so sad that you can’t choose your family sometimes.

  • APPARENTLY, the whole thing was over the sister wanting bale to pay her kids school fees, or something like that. but hes the famous one, not her, so why should she get all the money? i would have told her to fudge off too. (not the use of the word ‘apparently’, so dont take this as gospel!)