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Oksana Baiul Is Gunning for the Gold Medal in Botox

Here’s the former Olympic skater, age 30, at a Marc Ecko party in NYC last night.

My lips hurt just looking at hers. Owwwww.

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  • I never thought she looked cute at all. She always looked like a typical cold eastern block chick to me. Money is all that she cares about.

    Sorry for the stereotype.

  • I am not really sure where Donkey Punch’s reference to the “typical cold eastern block chick” comes from, but I can tell you that the young athletes from these countries are under extreme pressure from their governments to deliver and win. International athletic success is one of the few ways out for these athletes and their families. “Money is all that she cares about?” Acquaint yourself with her history and the living conditions where she comes from, and then maybe you won’t be so quick to judge.

    I think that Oksana is one of the great figure skaters of all time. Her artistry and grace are unparalled. Unfortunately she had a very short career. After she won her gold medal at age 16, she grew six inches (improved nutrition probably contributed), and she was never able to completely adjust to her new body size – she never regained her ability to jump, and in figure skating now, difficult jumps are essential.

    I don’t see any big change in her appearance – beautiful eyes, and a mega-watt smile, and an extraordinary lithe body. We all age, and she has actually had quite a hard life.

  • Eastern block chicks are hard, cold hearted, extremely self absorbed, ruthless, and have a thirst for money. Just personal observation and I have friends who dated them.

  • I will turn the other cheek here……anyone who could stone cold skate past Nancy Kerrigan when the pre-sponsor/pro Olympics were a true test….I don’t like skating and know little about it, however, I remember sitting there with my wife saying – I believe she just beat her in this thing…’s been downhill from there but anything to watch Nancy pout, scowl, act out…….priceless…..she gets a pass here.

  • Oksana has had an alcohol problem for years. Why is the top part of her face sun burned and the bottom part is not? Can Botox do that?

  • Maybe the camera’s flash did that?
    But what’s up with you guys? What did she ever do to incur anyone’s wrath? She was orphaned young and was under tons of pressure to win a medal. Then she had difficulties with alcohol… Give her a break. She’s really gorgeous, despite the over-peroxided hair.

  • i’m with tigerlille and jojo. anyone who can overcome what she has had to overcome gets a pass from me. i hope she has been able to resolve her substance abuse issues. if i was forced to literally live in an ice skating rink during my childhood after being orphaned and having no other place to go, i’d be concerned about my money too. just saying.

  • I think you farts are all secret kerrigan worshippers. For the record this photo is unflattering as many of hers are. Sorry to burst your bubbles but those are Oksana’s real lips she hasn’t had anything done looking at this picture. Young Oksana always had full lips. So the media doesn’t photoshop her like they do for all other celebrities. I HAVE SEEN her in real life she is a pretty lady. Not gorgeous but very attractive. Her photos are terrible. I wonder if it’s done purposely since the US media was a HUGE nancy K supporter & never got over that loss. Oksana didn’t have a growth spurt word is that she was duped into skating over 500 performance per year just touring North America. She wrecked her already injured knee & leg. Bad contracts she couldn’t get out of —the kid was a exploitation case. nuff said.

  • I agree with you Jill. In real life Oksana is pretty. Photos do nothing for her at all. She has a slender & fit figure too well toned like a dancer. Oksana is the greatest ice skater of modern times. Today’s scoring system is based on her style. This photo is lousy what’s new? Ever been to an ice show? Ever seen this woman live? She MUCH better looking than this in person. Baiul is NOT photogenic or some lousy photographers are taking her picture. Her pr team doesn’t seem to care how she’s presented do they ? So what? lots of people are not. It’s easy to make fun of people on message boards.

  • I’m with tigerlille all the way. Oksana had it rough all her life. And despite the adversities she has had to overcome, she prevailed. I remember when she was just a cute little waif and she won the gold medal – I was really proud of her because I was rooting for her to win. I hope her life has proved over the years and that she has found peace (and love) – she deserves to be happy. And by the way, I think that she has grown up to be a very pretty young woman…and she does indeed have a mega-watt smile.

  • Oksana is an epic example of valor and effort. Her whole family passed away in her early teens, she was left alone. She made it to be an olympic gold medalist and the greatest ice skater of her time. Afterwards she brought her whole surrogate family to America and spent years of exploiting contracts to support them.

    In my book, that is a person to fully respect and admire.

    Who cares about a badly illuminated photo by an obviously inept photographer.

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