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The Third

Carey Hart’s brother, 21-year-old Anthony Hart, was killed on Saturday during a practice run at a racetrack.

Anthony lost control of his motorcycle and hit the outer track barricade at roughly 3:30 p.m. Although an autopsy has not been completed, authorities suspect he died of fatal head injuries.

Damn, that is so fucking sad.

And I bet Pink feels like a huge asshole for spending last week filming a video in which she takes a chainsaw to a tree with her ex-hubby’s name on it and calls him a tool. Petty disagreements fade away in the face of shit like this.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Hart family.

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  • sorry for his family. i can’t stand pink…i remember an interview she gave about sex where she stated that “i don’t give blowjobs cause it’s gross and i’m too lazy to get on top.” no wonder he divorced her.

  • Yeah, they come in 3s… but this one doesn’t count towards that tally. Famous relatives don’t count.

  • Is Corey Harts brother considered famous? Corey is barely famous, I mean he was on the surreal life !

  • I met Carey when he was 21 out in Temecula, he’s truly a sweet guy. I did not know about the accident – that just breaks my heart. I hope Pink ditches the video. Why kill a tree for no reason when you can walk away with dignity.

  • in Pink’s defense, her and Carey are still best of friends and he totally supported her new video (check out her recent myspace blog). They have a unique hollywood relationship and are still very close. I am sure Pink is by Carey’s side right now getting him through this. and who cares how “famous” he was, he’s gone so let’s respect him and his family instead of complaining that he isn’t famous enough to be recognized.

  • agree with persistent cat. now if anyone dies it’s gonna be the celebrity curse, everything comes in threes shit….although i think it actually needs to be a black person. eddie murphy, watch your back!

  • I would like to be the shoulder that Carey chooses to cry on!! I am here for him ANYTIME!!!!! Pssst…..Beet can you pass that along!

  • I really hate it when people say “my thoughts and prayers go out”. Are you praying he comes back to life? You praying that he doesn’t go to hell?