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More on the Panettiere Family Smackdown

Oh, wow.

Now sources are saying that Lesley Panettiere may have gotten a few blows in on her husband before he hit her and got himself arrested.

“Hayden’s mom drank way too much and was being rude to everyone. Her Dad was trying to put her in her place. Lesley striked him several times before he hit her,” said a spy.

The couple’s evening began at the Whaleman Benefit dinner at Beso last night, where Lesley was flirting with Paula Abdul’s ex boyfriend JT Torregiani. This didn’t make Mr. Panettiere very happy, apparently, and the argument began at the restaurant and escalated after they went home.

No wonder Hayden was in such a hurry to date and move in with an older man. I’d want out of that crazy house, too.

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