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Mary-Kate Is Off the Hook

For whatever reason, the DEA has ended its investigation into the death of Heath Ledger, so Mary-Kate will not have to testify before a grand jury. We’ll also probably never know how he got the OxyContin that contributed to his death, other than “illegally.”


Don’t take that kind of shit unless it’s prescribed by a doctor, kids … a doctor that you didn’t pay off! It’s very very dangerous!!!

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  • I am sure she had something to do with it, at least regarding why her masseuse chose to call MK in LA rather than EMT’s, even when he stopped breathing they were calling back and forth. I hate her, I hope the universe has an appropriate way of dealing with her. I’m sure Matilda agrees.

  • Yeah, mko most certainly “lent” him her vicodin and her oxycontin… she’s surely that f*cking stupid. I suppose she begged and pleaded with the Feds not to expose her because she didn’t want to suffer the public backlash. And there would be some pretty bodacious backlash…having aided and abetted in the loss of the most brilliant actor of our time… Yeah, mko better go hide her little troll-self in her over-sized 70s moo-moos, if she doesn’t want to be beat down on the street for her part in our great loss.

  • Please, that troll may be a worthless cokeheaded pile of couture trash, but Heath shot that shit up on his own! Be responsible for your own self, people.

  • I don’t agree with the way it was phrased but I agree with MW. Heath was a big boy, whatever he put into his system was of his own accord. Regardless of how you feel about MK, it’s not her fault.

  • Granted, he was the one who swallowed the pills or whatever…but it IS a felony to give presription medicine to someone, to whom it has not been prescribed…and that’s exactly what mko did….i’m just saying…

  • We have no idea if that is what she did or not. Most likely they have the same “connections” or she set him up with her “connections.” That is likely what she wanted immunity from. If they had proof that MK gave it to Heath then it would be all over the news. Everyone is acting like the police would just let her off because she is Mary Kate Olsen. Eventually, she may have gotten away with it, but it would be all over the news and sites like this. I mean the DEA and the DA’s offices would most likely love to use her as an example. Like I said yesterday, I loved Heath’s work and think this is SO sad, but he made the decision and, it sounds like, had been making that decision long before MKO came into the picture.