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  • He is Sam the Cooking Guy and he is always awesome. He has been asked back on the show for this Friday. I can’t wait. The Today Show must hate their hosts.

  • I know that there are a lot of people who hate Katie Lee Gifford because of her abrasive and annoying personality. I LOVE that woman! For a woman in her min-fifties, she has a great set of tits, which she doesn’t mind giving us a peek at from time to time. She also has a great ass and a fantastic pair of legs. She is also, in my opinion, thehorniest woman on television. Almost every other coment she makes has a sexual connotation. At times, she seems on the verge of ripping off her clothes and running around the set naked. I would love to have her just that way for a weekend. If you are reading this, Kathie Lee, call me .

  • Sorry about all of the spelling mistakes and bad punctuation, but, her show was about to start and I was in a hurry to start recording it.

  • i missed it! can someone please please tell me where i can see this link? i would give a finger to see someone smack down that self-serving, righteous, hypocritical, yapping bitch.

  • I think he should be black-listed from ever coming back. He’s a jerk and probably should have taken a double dose of Midol before coming on the show.

  • Hee Hee, the guys a dolt, but that might have been the best thing I’ve seen all day. They WERE talking over him! Scandalous!!
    P.S. I just found you beet, and I love you!!

  • I’ve always loved Sam The Cooking Guy but now he is my hero. He is located in San Diego and everyone loves him here. Y’all should check out his website. Some of his recipes are so fanastic I can’t even explain. His schtick is he does everything easy and quick and good. He’s not a real chef either… hence the cooking guy reference. One of his best recipes is toasted pound cake. That’s right…. you slice a piece of pound cake and toast it in the toaster and put butter on it. Frickin most delicious and simple thing ever. And of course he uses store bought pound cake.

  • ok, i found the clip on youtube and i was soooo disappointed. i wanted this guy (or anyone, really) to get in her face and yell at her to shut up. still, kathie’s reaction was hilarious, the way she pouted. jesus, i hate that woman something fierce.

  • There is a fun way (for me) to keep Kathie Lee Gifford from talking so much. Whenever she opens her mouth and is about to speak, I would be more that willing to stick my cock in her mouth and give her something better to do with her tongue than talking.

  • Beet, just in case you see this, you should do some more items about Kathie Lee now and then. Almost every day, she says or does something worthy of some space on your site. Two days ago, she and Hoda were were smiling and giggling about a story of a naked man in Washigton running down the street while masturbating. The next minute, They were all giggles again talking about the topless and bottomless contests at Nascar and Indy races ( pertaining to the McCain biker rally story.) Kathie Lee was very entusiastic about it and said she had wanted to go to a Nascar race to see stuff like that. She is my ultimate MILF fantasy. If I could get her away from her old fart husband for one weekend, I would spend the entire time making her entire naked body gooey and sticky from her face down to her sexy toes. Let’s just say that when I finished with her, she would look like someone had poured a quart of half and half all over her.

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