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People Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You: Wesley Snipes

In addition to the three-year prison term Wesley Snipes is currently facing after being convicted on three counts of willfully failing to file his income taxes, a judge just ordered him to pay $217,000 to cover what it cost the government to prosecute him.

I like reading stuff like this, because, like, if I’m driving and I hit three red lights in a row, I throw up my arms, make loud whimpering sounds, and announce to myself that the universe hates me and nothing is going my way today. So it’s important for me to see stuff like this and think, “You know, I don’t owe anybody $217,000 today, and I’m not appealing my prison sentence, either. So I guess it’s okay that Burger King is still serving breakfast only when I want a Whopper. I guess that’s not the worst thing ever.”

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  • Hey beet you should talk to your tech people and see if they’ll add in one of those boxes that make is so you have to copy the image text “xtfakj” or whatever in order to post.
    Maybe it’ll stop the spammers. Unless they’re real people and not bots, which would make this invalid, and them dumb.

  • that is a good philosophy. i use it on my daughter all the time, when she is being spoiled and entitled.

  • i swear someone told me that they serve whoppers all the time now, for people like me (and the person who told me) who work graveyard shift. maybe i just dreamed it.

  • ribbet- it never works on my daughter!!! sigh, but she is 16.
    it tends to help me though. the good old “it could be worse, you could be THAT guy. . .”