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I Will Watch Guido Beach

The kids at The Dirty tagged along on a casting call for a new show called Guido Beach, I guess about life on the Jersey Shore.

Please, Lord, let this show get made. Every second of these seven minutes is hilarious and amazing. I encourage you to watch the entire clip. I was fascinated. It’s like a whole different species of person. At the very least, it is a subculture with which I am entirely unfamiliar, and it intrigues me.

[via DListed]

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  • Typical folks from Jersey, must be something in the drinking water. Like a car wreck on the side of the road, you can’t help but look. I’d definitely tune in!

  • Reason number one why I hate living in New Jersey.. being associated with these kinds of dumbasses. FYI: not everyone is like that. If that show was made it would be like The Real World and all the constant drama.. it’s so overrated. But I do think it’s ridiculously funny!

  • One of urban dictionary’s definitions for a guido is, “A sad pathetic excuse for a male.” It’s funny that people agree to be part of shows and automatically label themselves something slightly derogatory and definitely negative… silly guidos!

  • Hey Adru.. there are also guidettes so you might wanna update that definition. Guido is a state of mind lol

  • Not everyone is like that, that’s mostly North Jersey closer to NYC. South Jersey beaches are nicer and you don’t run into too many Guidos.

  • All those people deserve to be sent to a giant kiln and destroyed so that they can no longer pollute the already tainted human genome.

  • please please please tell me this is real!!! dude i’m from brooklyn and that’s basically the same breed of italians we’ve got over here. ahh i just shuddered

  • Contrary to what me says,I live in the North Jersey/ NYC area and I agree with Liz, its sad to be grouped with these STD stricken alcoholic morons. I was born and raised in NJ and I’m what you’d call the complete opposite of the stereotypical New Jersian slut. But I have to say, this show looks hilarious.

  • I’d want to watch it but after five minutes, I think I’d want to kill each one of those smug sons of bitches.

  • Liv, are you serious?! The only beach in South Jerz where you would find this stuff is Wildwood. All of the other beaches are so much classier.

    Beet, I love how shocked you are by them. I started watching the clip and thought, “What’s so weird about these Guidos? They seem like normal Guidos to me.” I hate that there is a large population of them here in South Jerz. And yes, I refer to it as “South Jerz” to make fun of them.

  • Beet, I cant believe I watched all 7 minutes of that.
    Although, time well wasted lol

    One word: Disgusting.
    Gross specimen. lol

  • Remember that Saturday Night Live skit with Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch? This is Sully and Denise at the beach. Wicked!

  • Yeah but Sully and Denise were from Boston! Remember when they met Garciaparra?

    I think studies need to be done seeing if there is a link between hair gel and retardedness. All kidding aside, Jersey is the best state in Jersey. ????

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