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90210v2.0: The First Cast Photo

Here’s the first cast photo of the new 90210, which will premiere at some point on some network.

The guy standing next to Lori Loughlin looks constipated.

You guys, is it just me, or is this show doomed to total, complete, embarrassing failure? It’s been WAY too hyped up at this point, and it’s just going to end up being another one of those stupid teen dramas that lasts half a season and then gets canned because it’s boring and no one cares. 90210 had a magic that cannot be recaptured. Every time I see new hype for this show, I just shake my head and think “Man, this is all going to be so mortifying for them in retrospect.”

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  • Oh Beet, I hope you aren’t right! I was in 9th grade when they were and so on, I so hope this works somehow at least so we can see Brenda and Kelly catfight! 90210 FOREVER! Part of me worries though, I am 33 now, can I relate?? Probably not…Sad.

  • Gotta say, this looks completely awful. Cast does not look that interesting, and has that really annoying girl from DeGrassi. Ew.

    But, then Gossip Girl got a lot of hate before it aired and now I love it. So, we’ll see.

  • They look lame. Lori Laughlin has sucked at everything she’s done except be Aunt Becky and whats-her-face from Degrassi… god, she’s more irritating than all the catfighting bitches from the original 90210. At least they were just bitchy.

  • uh oh!! they even threw in a black character this go round! (lol) my how times have changed… (lmao)

  • Yup, token black guy. That said I will prob check it out just to see how Tori, Shannen and Jenny interact on screen.

  • I agree with Al! And Molly, Tori-the-husband-stealing-Hut is in a LA selling poison ice cream to pregant mommies to be.
    Can’t believe the networks turned down new show to re-cylce crap!

  • Yah. That’s her alright. I heard arrested development was coming back. I hope she quits that shit and brings Lucille Bluth back!

  • I worked a lot on Degrassi over the years and in person that “annoying girl from DeGrassi” always looks like she is wearing a wig. Strangest thing.