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Shia LaBeouf Is a Moron

The video above is footage of Shia LaBeouf’s totally fucked car after his DUI early Sunday morning.

And his publicist issued the following statement:

“Attorneys for Mr. LaBeouf confirm that an automobile accident involving an additional party occurred early morning in Los Angeles on July 27, 2008. Shia is currently recovering from extensive hand surgery with plans to return to work on the set of Transformers 2 within one month. No further comment will be issued at this time.”

Oh good. The folks at Transformers must be really fucking thrilled that Shia’s postponing shooting for a whole damn month because he ripped apart his hand after driving wasted.

Listen: to those of you who jumped on me for saying Shia needs to go to rehab, saying he’s only a kid, etc, etc, you’re fucking delusional. I suspected there was an underlying substance problem after his Walgreens arrest last October, but I gave him a pass on it, because I’ve been drunk in a Walgreens myself — granted, I was 16, and Shia was in his 20s, and I didn’t get violent or get arrested, but still. I let him off easy. However, this seals the deal for me. This is not a child. This is a 22-year-old man with a lot to lose, who has now been arrested for alcohol-related incidents twice in less than a year. Let me reiterate: HE WAS ARRESTED TWO TIMES FOR ALCOHOL-RELATED INCIDENTS IN THE SPACE OF NINE MONTHS. He put three separate lives in very real danger on Sunday morning (see the video if you have any doubts). This is not a teenager fucking around. This, my friends, is a substance abuse problem through and through.

Rehab, rehab, rehab, Shia. You’re too talented to go down this way.

Shia LaBeouf Arrested on DUI

Oh, Shia.

After your drunken Walgreen arrest, I knew this would happen eventually, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

Shia LaBeouf was arrested on DUI in Hollywood early Sunday morning, after unsuccessfully trying to make a left turn at an intersection.

“It was immediately apparent to officers responding on the scene that LaBeouf was intoxicated and he was subsequently placed under arrest,” said a policeman.

Shia was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was being treated for a minor head injury and injuries to his left hand and a knee, Wolf said. A woman passenger in Shia’s truck and the driver of the other vehicle were not seriously injured.

I smell a rehab visit.

Is Everybody Super-Psyched for T4???

It looks like Christian Bale is in for yet another summer blockbuster. Director McG was on-hand at ComicCon to hype up Terminator Salvation, which hits theaters in May 2009. He’s not giving much away, but he does hint that Arnold Schwarzenegger may make an appearance, and that the movie is likely to have an R rating. They’re still filming in New Mexico, but they’ve already released some teasers (see above). Looks awesome already!

The Backstreet Boys Will Not Give Up

Man, at least NKOTB still have the whole “comeback” thing going for them. The Backstreet Boys are just has-beens who won’t quit. They’re in the studio again, recording their sixth album, slated to be released in late 2008, where it will compete with the latest release from the New Kids.

They’re still missing Kevin Richardson, who had the good sense to get out before the sinking ship was completely submerged in the murky waters of surrendered dignity.

To make matters worse, AJ McLean and Howie Dorough are also recording ill-fated solo albums. And Howie’s is going to have a Latin flair. “I’ve always embraced the Latin rhythms, the Latin sounds, just the music itself,” he says. “It’s just such a feel-good music, and I’ve always looked up to people like Jon Secada, Ricky Martin, Enrique [Iglesias], who have done a good crossover.”

Good luck with that, Howie.

Hottie San Fran Mayor Remarries (Sad Face!)

I’ve kind of had a crush on San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom ever since he was all over the news for legalizing gay marriage there (which lasted like two days, but really got the ball rolling). I think he’s hot and awesome, and I’m kind of bummed to hear that he remarried on Saturday. His new bride is Jennifer Siebel, who’s apparently an actress, but not anyone you’ve heard of.

Gavin divorced his first wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle, in March 2006. He later admitted to having had an affair with a staff member’s wife and a drinking problem. And because I have a soft spot for the bad boys, this somehow makes him even more attractive to me. All he’s missing in my book is a stint in jail. I’m so disturbed.

Amy Winehouse Is Totally Fine: Exhibit 2,395

Here’s Amy after a long night out with some friends in London. She apparently took several swings at her own security guards before huddling in an alley and sobbing.

Amy, baby.

The problem?

Is the drugs.

The drugs are the only problem, baby.

Oh, and for those of you who are interested, my crackhead friend
is now officially in rehab again. Thank you all for your prayers. I should also note that I promised to have sex with him if he got sober. I like to think that’s the real reason he’s cleaning up. Also, I’d really like to have sex with him — my sober friend, not my friend as a crackhead — so it’s kind of a win/win.