Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Paris Hilton Is Unstoppable

She just won’t quit.

Paris Hilton was in Las Vegas on Tuesday to launch her new line of shoes for Macy’s.

You can check out the full collection here.

Ugh. I would like to talk shit about this line, and there are certainly some items you’d never ever catch me wearing — even if I were a stripper — but there are also some good basic shoes in there at a reasonable price. Okay, I mean, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself here. There are like five or six pairs of shoes in this line that I really dig. The rest are pretty awful. But it’s hard to find brands that make a standard, basic black heel in the shape that I like, and Paris has nailed it. So props to her for that.

Not Broken Up!

Sadness upon sadness!

I was SO SURE that after Isabel Lucas was caught in a car with a drunken Shia LaBeouf at 3 am on a Sunday morning, Adrian Grenier would dump her ass.

But no!

The two were spotted having lunch together at Urth Cafe in WeHo on Tuesday.

What the hell is she wearing?

This looks like something my five-year-old cousin would throw together. If you left her alone in a Salvation Army store. After putting LSD in her Cheerios.

She’s #1! She’s #1!

It seems all the racy photo shoots — professional or not — have done little to hinder Miley Cyrus’s burgeoning career as the next teen queen. Her debut solo album (as Miley Cyrus and not Hannah Montana) is #1 on the charts this week, selling 371,000. It’s the second-best week for a female artist so far this year (Mariah Carey’s E=MC2 did relatively better with 463,000 copies).

So congratulations, Miley. I couldn’t be more pleased to have you and your unapologetic YouTube cattiness on the scene.

I would, however, like to have a discussion about what the fuck is on your jeans in this album cover. And in your hair. Did you go swimming in Spaghetti-Os?