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Oh Sad Day! Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Are Dunzo!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Kate goes through men like Owen Wilson goes through liquor. Did that cross a line? Eh.

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are reportedly splitsville after a three-month whirlwind romance.

“There was no drama or ugliness – They just decided to end things,” said a source. “There is no hatred, just sadness.”

I wonder what went wrong? They both seemed so gung-ho about this.

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  • How sad. I loved them together. Their babies would have been much cuter (and worth more) than Tom and Katie’s.

  • Two thoughts: Lance is another Dbag i could care less about.

    and I love Kate for her tricking.

  • Live strong. Heh. They are both douchey and dragged their kids into the relationship right away. Not that the kids will be scarred by this at all, they will be used to it in no time. She has a 4 movie year coming up, so I guess the “I am too busy for a relationship” will be the reason, rather than I am tired of your one balled ass already, see ya.

  • Oh, yeah, maybe they should think twice before dragging their kids into their little flings.

    Watch out, Owen, here she comes!

  • > from what i heard, lance didn’t have the balls to break up in person!

    Not sure if that was an intended pun but that is something I appreciate.

  • i despise him. he just seems like he is a little full of himself. and he is not cute.

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  • Aw. I liked them together. I really wanted Kate to settle down too and Lance was the perfect guy to do it. I wonder what happened to them…

  • they both fuckin suck. they are making their way through everyone who is single & it’s just ridiculous. she can’t stay with a guy for more than a month or so & he’s just as bad.

    anybody see that episode of “intervention” where the dude that had a crack problem was the BEST cyclist & went to some camp w/ Lance & he pulled some prank on him or something & Lance was a huge douche & went & tattled & got the dude kicked out? Which led to him smoking crack-it’s all Lance’s fault! JK! ;) I

  • aaah! I wasn’t done-It’s not Lance’s fault, it’s dude’s fault for smoking crack, but it IS Lance’s fault dude’s career ended cuz he acted like a big pussy. That’s all.

    But he’s still cute! :)