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Was Mary-Kate Olsen Heath Ledger’s Secret Lover?

The magazine Grazia is reporting that MK has confirmed to them that she was, in fact, Heath Ledger’s lover at the time that he died.

“I’m just completely shattered about Heath,” Olsen is quoted as saying in Grazia. “I loved him so much. We had this amazing connection and now he’s gone. I just can’t get over him.”

Eh, take this for what it’s worth. I, for one, am not sure I buy it. I mean, MK might have been hooking up with Heath, but she’s not gonna be admitting in to some two-bit magazine. I call bullshit.

Oh, and E!’s resident recovering addict Ted Casablancas had this to say about Heath today:

In all this glorious (and quite deserved) rediscussion of Heath Ledger’s passing now that the Dark Knight is out, no one seems to be mentioning what the ef killed the Aussie star, i.e., drugs…way too many of them. I mean, when Di got smashed up a decade ago in Paris, the world was out to kill the press corps, blaming our kind for destroying the princess, when in fact, it was a drunken driver who killed the poor gal. And now, nothing at all’s being blamed. It’s just being labeled “tragic” and “too soon” that Heath passed. Look, idiots, it’s called drugging yourself to death. Wake up. I exclaim this entirely respectfully, too, mind you—no one misses his über talents more than I. Superdamn shame.

Word up, Ted.

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  • What’s up with the troll lady still lamenting over the secret love of her life? It’s not like she provided Heath a haven to consume drugs or hooked him up to good dealers then sent her own security guards who worked with staff to clean the room of any evidence showing her “love-drug-connection” to him, after he OD’ed, right?

  • Eh. I had a friend who died around the same time from sleeping pills. It wasn’t a suicide or drug addiction or depression. Simply an accident. I’m always skeptical of those who will point fingers at the victims. Fingers should be pointed towards drug companies. Obviously more education is needed. Its wayy too easy to cause damage.

  • I think it’s really apparent that Mary-Kate was hooking up with him.
    I mean, if he lived a few floors from me, I would be too!

  • I’m pretty sure they were doing something together because I watched the THS of Heath Ledger yesterday because I had absolutely nothing to do. Turns out that they called MK before anyone else, and that makes me think that there was a little somethin goin on. And while he dies from drugs, it was NOT an overdoes, it was the lethal combination of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, insomia and other medications that did him in. RIP. He was meant for great things.

  • dont be so naive, the first call was made as part of the cover up. Weather you OD from legal drugs supplied by friends or illeagal dugs supplied by friends – its all the same. You shouldn’t be taking them if they were not prescribed by a real doctor. The call was made to her first rather than the ambulance “who may have been able to save his life” to cover their own butts and reputations. If it wasn’t for her and her body guards intervention he may very well still be alive today. Its a tragic waste.
    Note to Anne, when you die from taking too many drugs its called a drug overdose. Weather they are legal or not.

  • Im not saying that anyone is directly responsible for this, apart from the guy himself. but the news reports stated many conflicting stories about who called who, and in what order. Like many other hollywood mysteries – we will probably never know.

  • Some drug deaths are overdoses. Some are lethal drug interactions. What remains is what we don’t know about this situation. We do know that for some reason the massage therapist chose to call Olsen before 911. Both the therapist and Olsen were then involved in a failure to render life saving aid. In many states this is a very punishable homicide crime when it involves a person that one has a relationship with. Furthermore, lets say she knew the night before that he was ****ed up, then it is even more horrid. Perhaps she did share some of her supply, then there is an issue of a drug induced homicide. Even the excuse of being to ****ed up to think rationally is no excuse in the eyes of the law. or mine either for that matter. So she wants immunity now, huh. If she is innocent of wrong doing, what on earth could she think she needed it for?