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Sienna and Balthazar Strike Again

I’m driving myself crazy trying to think up a cutesy nickname for these two.

Sienazar? Balthienna? The Homewrecking Assholes? I dunno. I like the last one.

The Homewrecking Assholes have finally put an end to their frolicking on the beach. Now they’re frolicking on the New York social scene instead. On Thursday, they hit up an art show at the South Street Seaport and later hung out at the Rose Bar.

Conspicuously absent?

Balthazar’s 10-month-old baby, whose mother he ditched for Sienna.

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  • lol. She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video at **:::M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m:::** that is a celebrity da ting sit e for wealt hy or sexy singles. She is really hot with bikini in that video. You will know how passionate it is after seening it!

  • How about:

    (1) Zarenna; or

    (2) Milthazar;

    or just calling them:

    (3) “The 6th Commandment” (I believe it’s the Jewish faith’s 7th Commandment) :-)

  • Miller Time, anyone?. These two will eventually run out of steam, but in the mean time, it seems sex=happiness.

  • You know, I used to like Sienna Miller but now I am just disgusted by her. She sure milked it when Jude Law was porking her nanny but now she turns around and does the same thing to another woman???

    Throw her out with the rest of the trash.

  • After feeding them a diet of sugar and caffeine, his soon to be ex-wife should drop all 4 kids off for the week! Here’s your new step-mommy kids! Enjoy, biyatch!