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Mario Lopez Is Now Officially Going to Host Everything


Why do people keep giving this grade-A asshole jobs?

I can’t wait until Dustin Diamond releases his Saved by the Bell tell-all. It’s sure to have some juicy tidbits about Mario’s disgusting womanizing ways. He’s a horrible person and I wish he’d stop getting work.

Anyway, looks like ratings at Extra are down, and the network wants to pump them up by firing has-been Mark “15:00” McGrath and Dayna Devon, and replacing them with Mario Lopez. Who are all these people who love Mario Lopez so much? And why? Everything about him is so disgusting to me, but maybe that’s just because I care about things like the fact that he cheated on his fiancee at his bachelor party, and then proceeded to cheat on every girlfriend he ever had after that. Minor detail, I know, but it’s the little things that get to me. I also dislike invasive surgery, head-on car collisions, and eating food that someone has peed in. You know. Just the little things.

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  • Have u guys heard that he ever appeared on the wealthy dating club :::::::M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m::::::: for hot singles to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating? There are his hot photos and Lots of hot girls are found in his circle there. I’ve been there for day, it seems the girls are not hard to hook

  • ew, hes tried so hard to be cute that he is just gross now. i like watching the dance crew show on mtv but when he is on i wana slap his cardboard face! and he wears the queerest clothes!

  • OMG Fartface! baaahhaaaa, cock-smoker! Ok, back to business-the same people that are giving this asshole jobs are the same dumbasses that keep giving Ryan Seacreast job. I can’t stand that tool either.

  • After reading this, and other articles on the subject, I have decided that I will never watch EXTRA again. I am with you Beet, I hate him for those reasons. That and he is a cocky son of a beehah. I wanted to contact EXTRA to let them know how I felt, but couldn’t find a link to a contact for them. Let’s hope they change their mind.

  • I couldn’t agree more…. Mario Lopez just makes my skin crawl, just to add to your hatred, he was suppose to do this charity event here in San Diego, and sadly he was the biggest name this organization had to drop, and he didn’t even show up. Such an ass.

  • I actually like Mark McGrath. Lopez is a douche. I would like a Saved tell-all. That show was so lame yet I know 30 somethings who still watch it!!

  • I know Mario personally, he’s a great guy. Men cheat, women cheat, celebs cheat more…BFD. That doesn’t make a person bad, it makes the people who go for them stupid…if he’s such a douchebag, then the women who go for him are double douchebags and deserve what they get.

    He’s a good guy in every other respect. His job is to keep up an image, women like his muscles, so he gives them what they want. And can you blame him for not wanting to be associated with Saved by the Bell? That’s over, he wants you to be over it, too.

    I think you hate him a lot because you probably liked him at one point. It’s like a kindergarten crush where you hate someone because you really like him.

  • Mario Lopez is the cutest n hottest guy in the whole world, he has a smile to die for, seriously he is so f.. cute, i wanna do u Mario.

  • Exactly! Why hate someone who has nothing to do with you personally? If you don’t like him for his cheating ways, then don’t date him! He’s in show business and hes just trying to work! Wouldn’t it be illegal if you got rejected for a job because you cheated on your wife(or husband), were a muscle jock and and knew how to work it?!

    Oh and Steve, if u know him personally can u hook me up? haha He’s so adorable! Dimples, smile, muscles, total package! Not to mention that perfect ass we saw in his shower scene on Nip-Tuck!!

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