Who wants to see a piece of what Penn Badgley’s getting?

The very first (of hopefully many!) Blake Lively nip-slips can be found here.

It’s NSFW. Because it’s a boobie. But you knew that.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Shes a bitch

  2. T says:

    STFU. She’s awesome and gorgeous as hell!

  3. woohoo says:

    thats one big nip if I may say so myself

  4. slouchy says:


  5. Because I Say So! says:

    Lay off the large nipples! She’s no Bai Ling. And it wasn’t puckered. Give her a break, IMO

  6. kayla says:

    i always thought she was pretty
    who cares about her nios.
    the only thing that kinda bothers me about her, is her nose job
    just sticks out so much. i dunno why……

  7. Sprmcandy says:

    I’ll suck on it to test it out. yummy sweet.

  8. Kelso says:

    You can’t help it if you have large nipples, Just like you can’t help it that you have a small penis. Luckily, any type of boobs would turn a guy on. Unfortunatly, small peepees don’t turn on most girls alarm clock.

    So suck it.

  9. Jamie says:

    I don’t think thats her. One, the dress is HORRIBLE, and cheap looking. Two, she has horrible skin. Pimples and dryness. If she was going out, it wouldn’t be with unlotioned skin. C’mon people.

  10. Ultra-perv says:

    I sucked on her nipples until they were swollen.

  11. Emogirl4live says:

    Look at bottom of arm man hair .