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Wigging Out

Here’s Tori Amos signing autographs at ComicCon. I totally dig this dress, but the wig? Not so much. However, I’m giving her a pass on this only because it’s ComicCon, and a little exaggeration is acceptable. But let’s not do this again, Tori, dear. I still love you!

[Image via Splash]

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  • Yeah, when I think of Jughead and Archie, Batman, and GI Joe I think of… Tori Amos… how depressing. She’s either wearing a deflated beanbag chair or she’s demonstrating what it’s like to be a polyp.

  • This woman is becoming very scary. Before, she was curiously attractive and interesting, but now she’s just creepy and interesting.

  • She looks like she tore the leather off of a couch, and pinned it onto her….and her hair looks like she dyed it with carrot juice

  • It’s like an elderly Pippy Longstocking is emerging from one of those hefty garbage bags, pen in hand, ready to sign some autographs…

    I know you love her, Beet, and I love her too. But lets not be too forgiving with the garbage bag dress.

  • Reminds me of that dude that lives in the zeppelin thing in Aeon Flux.

    Well, the outfit anyways.

    The hair… reminds me of… carrots.

  • A comic book of stories based on Tori’s songs was just released. She might have been there to promote that. A friend of mine has a story in it and the art is lovely.

    She’s been all about wigs since her American Dolls album. But they’re not good wigs.

  • she looks like she could be the love child of carrot top and jk rowling… ick. she used to have this cool vibe , now she just looks like she trying desperatley clinging to her youth. i don’t really care if she was at a comic book event or not, it’s not a good look.

  • who cares! she’s tori freakin amos! she could wear a swimming cap and a robot suit and i’d still love her!

  • sigh….. I miss tori’s normal hair, but I’m afraid….. I’m afraid it’s gone. I’m really nervous that American Doll Posse has so much to do with these wigs because Tori has finally lost all her hair from bleaching and dying it all these years. I have been a Tori”phile” for ten years, and I tend to obsess over every tiny detail. This is one I’ ve noticed for years….. she has been slowly losing her hair. So all I have to say is: stick with extensions and natural wigs, Tori. this one takes away from your amazing, gorgeous face (she seriously looks ten years younger than she is) …. I’m glad I got that out. But now I feel guilty. gulp. Tori is going to come kill me.

  • when you’re a creative genius it doesn’t matter what you wear. look at besty johnson or vivienne westwood.

  • The Atreides (see Tori) are lured to the desert planet Arrakis under the pretense of taking over the spice-mining operation there. The spice is the most valuable commodity in the universe — it makes interstellar travel possible, extends life and can unlock dormant abilities in the Bene Gesserit — and Arrakis is its only known source. But Leto and his family are caught in a plot to destroy them, orchestrated by their rivals of millennia, House Harkonnen, and the jealous Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV himself.


  • i think the wigs have something to do with greek mythology
    her new album is based on greek mythology
    and she has created 5 different characters
    for her shows