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The Backstreet Boys Will Not Give Up

Man, at least NKOTB still have the whole “comeback” thing going for them. The Backstreet Boys are just has-beens who won’t quit. They’re in the studio again, recording their sixth album, slated to be released in late 2008, where it will compete with the latest release from the New Kids.

They’re still missing Kevin Richardson, who had the good sense to get out before the sinking ship was completely submerged in the murky waters of surrendered dignity.

To make matters worse, AJ McLean and Howie Dorough are also recording ill-fated solo albums. And Howie’s is going to have a Latin flair. “I’ve always embraced the Latin rhythms, the Latin sounds, just the music itself,” he says. “It’s just such a feel-good music, and I’ve always looked up to people like Jon Secada, Ricky Martin, Enrique [Iglesias], who have done a good crossover.”

Good luck with that, Howie.

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  • I used to be IN love with them, so I feel bad saying they’re making a fool of themselves.

  • @c: i guess i can understand “seeing” that girl band, but i wouldn’t want to “hear” them! ;-)

  • Personally, I’m glad. I’d like the two albums to come out, then both bands to have a dance-off. Come on, that would be severely entertaining.

  • Jesus H Christ – give them a break. There are many levels of success in this world and the boys gave alot of joy to many, many people. The hate and jealousy on this site is unreal!

  • Oh crap.. I have to admit that i cant wait.. lol.. I like them so much still.. *blushes* my husband makes fun of me about it.. But i admit i still like them.. I think AJ is the hottest thing ever.. lol..

    • hey, i agree with you. i still love their music, and listen to it till this day, i am looking foward to their release. i hope they become as popular as they was, maybe they will come to Kentucky again, so that i can see them. aj is SOO hott!

  • Yipee!!!! Another great Backstreet album for me to listen to. My birthday wish has come true. And a big pfft to the haters, go listen to The Jonas Brothers or something.